polycystic ovaries

  1. M

    New Slimming Worlder with PCOS

    Hiya Back on the bandwagon after gaining 2.5 stone since my wedding a year and a half ago. 3.5 stone to target, with PCOS. Hoping to turn things around in the next 12 weeks. 6 weeks to my holiday to New York. Let's do this! Thanks for having me, Jan x
  2. J

    PCOS And Endometriosis on slimming world

    Hi just wondering if someone can help me. I got my diagnosis last year for pcos and Endometriosis I have really struggled with losing weight I just seem to go up and up I have gained 10st in 6 years and can't seem to shift it The doctor has prescribed me with 1500mg metformin the pill and...
  3. Kylaa15

    Wow...Last signed in 2013!

    HI GUYS!!!! So I have nooo idea what I'm doing, or if I'm doing this right? I have managed to get a hold of my old account and reading some of my posts from 2013, crazy stuff! Anyway, When I last posted I had moved out of my Bf's mums into our own place.. we are still living on our own!(Yay)...