1. K

    Cambridge for the WIN!

    Hi there! Am just starting out on Cambridge! On Week 2- after years of being a WW addict I had to admit 9 stone was going to require more patience than I had to stick with it! I tipped the scales at 18st 12.5 lbs 12 days ago. That was a horrible realisation- but my consultant was so kind. At...
  2. H

    Eating Out - Indian

    Hi all, Never posted on here before but find the site extremely useful! This weekend, I'm going out to an Indian restaurant with some friends. I have inserted photos of their menu below, and I was wondering what would be the best thing for me to have? FYI, I don't like spicy food (I know it's...
  3. Razzyb

    Slimming World friendly restaurants

    Good evening, just wondering if there is any Slimming World friendly restaurants in the London or Kent areas? I want to take my Gf out for a proper meal without her worrying or feeling guilty about Syns. I've had a good Google with no luck :( Thanks.
  4. D

    Slimming World Restaurants

    Does anyone know of any Slimming World Restaurants? I know there is one in Redcar, my Mum has been and loves it. I was wondering if there are any more around? Thankyou