1. C

    How many syns in kabanos, for date night?

    Hi, My partner is on slimming world, and I am trying to be supportive by cooking some slimming world friendly date night food, but I cannot find out how many syns are in sainsburys Kabanos. Does anybody know how many...
  2. C

    asda butchers selection hot dog bursts - syns value please!

    hey guys, these are a new product so not in my directory but could anyone put this through the syns calculator for me? guessing they are going to be fairly high! asda butchers selection hot dog bursts with american style mustard ypical values (grilled) Per 100g Energy 1154kJ 278kcal Fat 22g...
  3. NikolaLuigi


    Hi all Need some help re sausages I seem to recall that the Linda McCarthy red onion sausages are free? Am I right in thinking that? Also, can anyone tell me the syn value for Richmond thick pork sausages? Thanks in advance!