1. P

    The gym kitchen pouch slimming world syns?

    Hi Wondering if anyone knows the syns for The Gym Kitchen pouches? I found some in asda. I've just had this one but I can't find the syns anywhere. Pouch is 250g. Thanks!
  2. Tammyseasons25

    How many syns is pataks mini naan bread?

    How many syns pataks mini naan bread? I had one. X
  3. J

    What can I add to my coffee to make it sweeter but Syn Free

    Just started to drink coffee and lovely but what can I add to make it sweeter but still best free please ?
  4. J

    Coffee Mate

    Can anyone tell me the syn values for coffee mate please is it better than milk?
  5. C

    Please help!

    okay so I've been doing slimming world for a little while now but I'm constantly going over my syns due to hunger in the evenings (which obviously doesn't help my weight loss), does anyone have any advice on how I can fill myself up so I don't eat so much later on? My portions are good sizes and...