slow loss

  1. Bex2011xx


    Hi all :) I've been doing slimming world 7weeks now. I've also been running 3 times per week - 3miles a time for 5 weeks. I walk 2-3miles on the days I'm not running. I'm 28 and 5ft 6. I started out 13st 3lb, and now currently 12st 11lb. I'm feeling disappointed as weight loss is down to 1lb...
  2. J

    Exante Totoal Solution Week 4 - getting difficult

    Hi, I'm on week 4 of exante total solution. In my first week I lost a stone (but I had been binge eating for four days prior to the diet I think most of that would have been water weight :oops:) After that my weight loss has been so slow Week 2: 3lb Week 3: 2lb Then I weighed myself this...