Exante Totoal Solution Week 4 - getting difficult


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I'm on week 4 of exante total solution. In my first week I lost a stone (but I had been binge eating for four days prior to the diet I think most of that would have been water weight :oops:)

After that my weight loss has been so slow
Week 2: 3lb
Week 3: 2lb

Then I weighed myself this morning, although I shouldn't really weigh myself for another 5 days, and I've put on a pound! I had a moment of weakness and had tofu yesterday, but I exercised the equivalent of all the calories off. I was feeling so down that I ate about 400 calories this morning which I will later have to work off.

Anyway sorry to be so miserable! I just needed to rant and feel sorry for myself for my slow weight loss and 1lb weight gain :eek:. It's possible now I'm only a 1st 10lb from my goal I will just have to accept that it's going to be slow. Thanks for reading and indulging in my self pity ;) xxxx
I still have lots to lose and my losses have slowed right down these last couple of weeks! I wouldn't weigh again until weigh day and take it from there! Keep going you are so close to your goal!!!!! X
It's so frustrating isn't it. I'm similar to bex in that my scales show a 1lb gain mid way through the week and I felt so disheartened!! But I've stuck to it and figure they have to shift eventually!
No sneaky peeking at the scales - once a week only!
ITA Sadie - I have to force myself not to weigh every day. It's fine in the first week when you're losing something every day, but I get disheartened easily of I see no loss, or a gain, and I really need to stick TS for 12 weeks. Day 6 today though, can't wait for WI tomorrow! :)

How are you getting on now Jasmine?