1. Sheryl O'Brien

    Vegan Weight Watchers buddy?

    Hi all, I have just joined Weight Watchers and my first weigh in is on Tuesday. Just wondered if there are any vegan weight watchers around who would like to buddy up? We seem to be few and far between I have quite a lot lose...6 stone to be precise So it would be good to join someone else...
  2. red squirrel


    Hi all , I'm almost a week into a fresh start with weight watchers ( we re taking 19 years since I did WW) and things are going well - does anyone have any knowledge of wagamamma and smart points ? I know it won't be low points but would like as a treat - struggling to find much info ?
  3. Oliviagoodwin5

    Smart points for Chinese takeaway?

    i am following smart points and wondered if anyone has the values for Chinese takeaway please
  4. Oliviagoodwin5

    What are smart points for Chinese??

    can anyone help me please... I've seen threads for pro points for Chinese takeaway but I am doing smart points does anyone know the smart point values ?
  5. PandaNate

    Smart Points Pandabear's large weight-loss journey.

    Hello! Welcome to my Smartpoints - Weight Watchers food diary. I'm Renate. I'm 27 and I started this journey at 18st 9lb. My heaviest. I am top heavy, I am very big boobed, so I never look my weight and people are usually surprised when they learn of my weight. I'm 5'6, this is new to me as...