Sheryl O'Brien

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Hi all,

I have just joined Weight Watchers and my first weigh in is on Tuesday. Just wondered if there are any vegan weight watchers around who would like to buddy up? We seem to be few and far between

I have quite a lot lose...6 stone to be precise So it would be good to join someone else on a similar journey.
Hi Sheryl, welcome. I am not on WW but I am sure someone else will be along soon. Do you find WW difficult been vegan? Im not a vegan either but a demi veg, I don't really like meat but have to say since starting I have actually been eating more meat as a replacement for starch and fat. I don't like dairy but have spent the past two weeks eating actimel yogurts as I am on antibiotics, but I don't like dairy as it fills me full of mucous. Hopefully I can stop them next week. Once I am over the first few weeks od dieting I will move to a mainly plant based diet but will always include eggs, we have our own hens and ducks running free around the garden and in the stream. Best wishes, will you be posting a food diary, I would love to read about your meals. Regards Tipperary
I'm a vegetarian who slips occasionally. Never eat meat, but do sometimes have fish. I have osteoporosis and for some reason have decided that fish is really really good for me. (Rubbish)
I'm just about to start the Military Diet (tomorrow), am concerned about two things. One is what are Saltine crackers? They sound salty. The other is hotdogs - where can I get them from or what can I replace them with.
Answers on a post card please.........