1. Chris Judson

    Tesco Beef Jerky

    So how many syns for the attached picked some up and demolished it on Monday from Tesco. I think it was the 40g bag not the 25g as pictured but i was silly and didnt take a pic so grabbed this one off google
  2. Msan1968

    Feeling hungry - what treats do you have

    These last few days I have felt like I could pig out - I've resisted. Tonight I've Sucked slowly on a packet of Cheetos (only 3.5syns) but it's not hitting the spot. I've lost 4lb 10oz this week and it's the beginning of week 7 and so I dont want to spoil it already I've got a lot to lose Help...
  3. GemTay1

    HELP PLEASE !!!!!!

    Hello peeps. I need some help if possible, I started SW on the 12th jan and in my first week i had a 5lb loss, im due to be weighed again this Thursday. I am trying so hard as I really want to continue to loose each week. the only thing im finding difficult is over the past 2 days iv found my...