1. W

    Morrisons riced broccoli and cauliflower

    Hi, does anybody know if these are free, or if they have oil in them? Glad to see morrisons doing them now :) Also, would they be a speed food? Thank you!xx
  2. chubby bunny


    i want to do a couple of days a week SP but struggling for meals without pasta or rice. Any ideas?? :)
  3. engagingwithfreedom

    What have you ended up putting with your slimming world meals out of need to find a third speed?

    I have often found myself being 'inventive' when it comes to getting my third speed in my meals. Especially when I haven't been shopping in a while. Occasionally I find a gem like toast, peanut butter and satsuma, but other times I am not so lucky! Just wondering if anyone has had any...
  4. lickthelid

    NEW Slimming World FAQ

    So I'm not a consultant BUT I have done SW for several years through the most recent changes so hopefully this is current and up to date. There are several, nay MANY, common questions and misconceptions about the plan that hopefully can be explained here. If I miss anything or am incorrect...