step 2

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    Step2 810kcal Scared of stepping up!

    Hi, first time posting myself but I’ve been reading lots of posts for support & tips. Been doing CWP step 2 for a few weeks (started on SS) and losing a little each week still. I tried going up to step 3 but found it really hard to make it work for me and chickened out half way through the week...
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    Just started CWP for the first time - ready to drop the excess!

    Hi all, I've just started CWP step 2 for the first time and I'm really hoping for drastic weight loss. I've started at a really bad time, a lot of stress at work (including a work trip), a minor surgery at the weekend and now another holiday to see family. But in my mind it was better to start...
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    Cambridge step 2

    Hi all, I've started Cambridge step 2 on Wednesday to see if I can achieve results I want to lose 3st 8 lbs. I've previously done SS+ but given up once noticeable results were there, partly because of boredom the flavours became repetitive I only had shakes and bars. Since starting I'm worried...