Just started CWP for the first time - ready to drop the excess!


Hi all,

I've just started CWP step 2 for the first time and I'm really hoping for drastic weight loss. I've started at a really bad time, a lot of stress at work (including a work trip), a minor surgery at the weekend and now another holiday to see family. But in my mind it was better to start than not do anything. I want to try my absolute hardest to stick to plan so I can move forward from this period of my life!

I'm day 3 now, day 1 I had squash which I've been told is a no-go, so hopefully since then I've managed to head into ketosis but I can't tell yet. I just want to get burning! My first weigh in will be next Tuesday.

I put on about 20kg in the course of a year (complete free food at work), if only I could drop it all in the course of a week - ha!

I just signed up to share and hear other experiences - and moan about how hungry I am :)

SW - I think 16st (I didn't look! Will update when I know)
Personal GW - 12st 5lb
To lose - 3st 5lb
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