sw syns

  1. J

    Mug shots

    I eat mug shots for my dinner as they are quick and easy and I don’t have much time. Will this affect my weight as I am trying to matain my weight as a target member and don’t want to gain. Any help would be grateful. Thanks
  2. J

    Rice pouches

    Hi I’m doing slimming world at home and was wondering what the syn values on the rice pouches like the uncle bens. Was looking for something to have at work that is quick but filling at the same time. Thanks.
  3. J

    Pasta and Sauce

    Which pasta and sauce are free, as I’ve been really enjoying them.
  4. J

    Slimming World Rice

    I was wondering what rice is free on slimming world. I get in from work quite late so looking for something that doesn't take to long to cook. Thanks
  5. Singingjojo

    Linda McCartney Sausages

    Hello all Does anyone know if Linda McCartney red onion and rosemary sausages are still syn free? Going back on SW and it's been a while! Also - if anyone could recommend some no syn / low syn veggie foods that would be marvellous Thank you, Jo
  6. Welsh Butterfly

    Syns for all M&S salads please?

    Hi I'm new my name is Welsh Butterfly I would like to know how many syns for M&S Quinoa and Splet with almonds, peanuts & pistachios (100g). Thank you for the help.