I eat mug shots for my dinner as they are quick and easy and I don’t have much time. Will this affect my weight as I am trying to matain my weight as a target member and don’t want to gain. Any help would be grateful.
As long as you Syn them...I can't see the problem.

Congratulations Jade on being a target member :0clapper:
They have never affected us, and we have never synned them, but they are now synned.

sorry to tag in, just saw the title 'Mug Shot'! But is this the 'THE BIG ONE, Mug Shot On The Go' size of a small pot noodle pot? I just got the Bolognese (95cal) and the Madras Noodles (87cal) ......do they have syn value or is the 20cal rule???:rolleyes::rolleyes:

They do a whole range - I would like to know which ones are free and low syn :):)


any help would be fab! thanks xx