syn free food

  1. Chantel

    Gluten Free Pasta

    Hi can any one help me. Is gluten free pasta syn free or will I need to syn pasta.
  2. J

    Pasta and Sauce

    Which pasta and sauce are free, as I’ve been really enjoying them.
  3. J

    Slimming World Rice

    I was wondering what rice is free on slimming world. I get in from work quite late so looking for something that doesn't take to long to cook. Thanks
  4. The_ChunkyChick

    Aldi Pasta & Sauces

    Hi, If you make the Aldi pasta and sauce packets with water are they free on extra easy? Please provide any sources... Thanks in advance

    Are Asda SlimZone Ready Meals syn free

    They look tasty and a big portion, but are they syn free like the Iceland ones?
  6. S

    Eating out on slimming world please help??

    i am eating out with friends tomorrow at a buffy restaurant called jimmys, could you tell me what type of food I should avoid and what I can eat? This is the restaurant menu :) Thank you