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    My journey to lose 5 stones on exante

    Hi everyone, i am starting exante tomorrow. I have 5 stones to lose! I have my graduation coming up in 2 months so i need to lose as much as i can by then. Has any one tried exercising and has it given better results? I will be logging in my weight loss weekly would love some buddies to join me...
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    Step2 810kcal Resisting Temptation

    ... So i am back! , after 2 years , a shitload of 'ill start a new diet tomorrow's ' , heavy drinking and eating complete crap , its time to sort my life out... At 24 years old and weighing in at 27t 2 i am my heaviest yet , but i guess if there is a plus point i am 6ft 4 which means i carry it...