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2 binliners of size 20 clothes never to be seen again!!! lol


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well ive just sorted my wardrobe out- much to my delight( and rather angry) hehe that ive just bagged up 2 binliners of clothes that now look like tents on me hahahaha!! and im only down a size or 2 but the bum on them is ridiculous!!
corrr blimey its guna cost me a bomb to replace all these
laura xxx( my OH is looking slightly worried bless him)x
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Lol wtg anyways hun sorry about husband looking worried, so i guess its shopping for new wardrobe, i cant wait to get into 18's so i can shop at primark where its cheap woohooo

I was 22 now 20 so throw em my way hehehe :D
Way to go!

Thats fabulous! I know it's a pain having to fork out more money pon clothes - but think how fab you'll feel! xx
You should pop them up on the clothes bit on here or pop them on ebay and make a few pennies to put towards your new wardrobe.

L xxx


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Well done ladies!
Before you give away or sell all your large clothes just keep one outfit as a reminder of what you were.
Whenever you feel down that you haven't lost what you expected at WI, pop on the outfit and see what you were! Instant remedy for gloom. It's also a motivation to keep you there, when you get to target.


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oh wish id done that malaika- i never thought, im just sooo determined i will never be seen in any clothes that size again i just took them all to the nearest skip lol xx


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well done Laura! It's great to get rid of the too big clothes, that's a job for me in the holidays. My wardrobe will be pretty empty as I'm only buying a few bits to keep me going as i've lots more to lose, thank goodness the sales are on now:)

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