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20 Things to do before I am too old to do them........

And as I will soon be slim enough to do and enjoy them.....

Why not add your own list??

  1. I will do a parachute jump for charity
  2. Have a discreet tattoo.
  3. Have an all over spray tan :eek:
  4. Appear on the TV (I don't know why?)
  5. Do the race for life
  6. Have my hair cut short I mean very short!
  7. See James Blunt live
  8. Learn to roller blade
  9. Ride the coasters on the stratosphere again!
  10. Visit Lapland
  11. Get married in Vegas! (don't ask!!) :character00250:
  12. Have a professional makeover
  13. Have a professional photo shoot
  14. Learn to play my electric guitar properly
  15. Have singing lessons.
  16. Have a nude photo taken (tastefully)
  17. Go whale watching.
  18. Help other people with their weight problems
  19. Get my degree
  20. Live happily ever after with my true love
Ok so some may seem off the wall!!

what are yours?

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can see the end in sight!
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top of the list

Hire a bus/caravan and do a road trip around America. It's always been something I HAVE to do.


Absolutely Determined!
Fabulous list Tilly! Some of the things you wrote I also want to do!

Ok, here's mine...

1. Go Ice skating with my children
2. Have a photo shoot
3. Have a tatoo on my wrist
4. Own 10 pairs of tiny jeans (and fit into them!!)
5. Take guitar lessons
6. Finish my novel and get it published (one day...)
7. Do the race for life for my nan..and run it!
8. Get a job (currently unemployed for lots of reasons)
9. Join an amateur dramatics society
10. Go on the fastest rollercoaster I can find
11. Wear gorgeous shoes that didn't come from Evans
12. Have a full body massage
13. Learn to do yoga...and enjoy it!
14. Learn french
15. Raise my girls to be happy with their bodies
16. Spread the CD message!
17. Go skinny dipping ;)
18. Be comfortable naked
19. Go to Paris and visit the famous bookshops
20. Feel beautiful


Absolutely Determined!
hahaha! We most certainly will not. We shall be princesses..or something like that. Not cows, not ugly step sisters. No siree! Okay, its a done deal. Wahay!!
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Own a 1967 VW Beetle.


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Great thread

Here is my to do list:

1. Go Ice skating with my children
2. Have a photo shoot with my husband and children
3. Have a tattoo i have designed on the bottom of my back! Ouch
4. Get a camper van and go travelling round Europe with my husband when my children are older and have left home
5. Go on all the rides at theme parks
6. Go to a health spa for weekend
7. Do the race for life next year 2010
8. Go back to college train to be a teacher assistant
9. Buy a pair knee high boots
10. Go to any shop and be able to buy clothes that fit me
11. Go swimming with confidance
12. Have a professional massage
13. Make my husband & children proud
14. Learn Spanish
15. Have my belly button pierced
16. Become a CD Counsellor
17. Re new my wedding vows
18. Be comfortable naked
19. Snog Robbie Williams and George Clooney (ok might not happen but still on my to do list - literally lol)
20. Feel confidant
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They sound like good things to do :)
Mine are:

1) Parachute Jump
2) Shop in all the shops that dont go above size 16
3) Have a professional photo taking of me
4) Achieve my dream of becoming a childrens nurse/doctor
5) Stay on a ranch in America
6) Go see my family in Australia
7) Own a horse
8) Make a documentary about my life (just for me)
9) RUN the Marathon
10) Raise £1m for Charities
11) Have 4 or 5 babies
12) Go snorkelling
13) Jump of one of them cliff things in to the sea
14) Get Married in a big Father of the Bride type wedding lol
15) Lay on a sun lounger round a pool in a hot country and not be scared that im going to break it
16) Win the lottery

Cant think of anymore, But if i achieve any of that ill be very happy :D


can see the end in sight!
S: 20st7lb C: 12st10lb G: 12st6lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 7st11lb(37.98%)
isn't robbie all weird and beardy and obsessed with aliens now? Jonny Depp all the way for me! or Hugh Jackman! OH MY GOD I LOVE HUGH JACKMAN.
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ok so i would love 2:
1. wear a bikini (for the 1st time since i was under 10!)
2. own a pair of skinny jeans - and look fabulous in them!
3. fit into next clothes
4. wear a skirt/shorts
5. be able to wear heels without my feet killing after 10min
6. run up hill - or any where in fact!!!
7. be healthy
8. meet new people and not worry bout what they are thinking
9. have energy!!!!!!
and last but most importantly:
10. lose enough weight to have a baby safely!!!!!!!!!!

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