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4 weeks till bikini body-ness!!


Woman on a mission!
ok - 4 weeks today I will be on a plane to egypt, time to get my not so small bottom in gear!!

Tuesday 19th Oct
Red Day

B - Grilled bacon, 2 poached eggs, mushrooms

L - 4 Ryvita (HEXB), 4 x XL laughing cow triangles (HeXA - will have the other two later on) Melon, mullerlight

S - fibre+ bar (HEXB)

D (oh's birthday - so cooking nice meal!) -
Starter - prawns with rocket, chilli & corriander
Main - Moroccan meatballs, roast veg
Dessert - I have bought WW choc brownies (9 syns)

HexA - milk for tea & coffee
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Woman on a mission!
Thanks Meli!

I went to the gym for the first time in ages last night and shocked myself at how unfit i have become so I am securely on that wagon!



Woman on a mission!
Day Two!

I survived day 1! OH was very happy with his birthday menu, :D.

Wednesday 20th Oct - RED

B - 2 weetabix (HEXB), skimmed milk (HEXA), chopped banana

L - 2 x WW brown bread (HEXB), 42g LF cheese (HEXA), ham & Onion. scrape of mayo 1.5 sins. Melon, mullerlight

D - Chicken casserole, BNS mash. Spoon chicken gravy 1sin.

Tonight I am going swimming after work, and then on to WI. Expecting a STS at best, as was away for the weekend (more OH birthday celebrations!), but soooo back on track now and loving it.
Have planned out meals for the week, and have two nights out this weekend - party on Friday and Hen do sat, and should be able to stick to my 105 sins (or less).

fingers crossed ...XxX


Woman on a mission!
Thursday 21st Oct - Red Day

So, I was gobsmacked at WI last night to have lost 0.5! I was sooo sure it would have been a STS or gain, i almost fell off the scale!
So that means i have 1 lb till my two stone award. how fantastic! im getting there!!
However, has a busy weekend, so will be tracking and doing extra body magic. I hope to get there.

Anyway, todays diary:

B - Quorn sausage, bacon, mushrooms, poached egg x2 and spinach.
L - chilli, 198g New pots (HEXB) made into wedges. side salad. 42g Cheese grated on top (HEXA) Mullerlight
S - Banana
D - Beef stir Fry, loads veggies!
Other HEXB will be a ceral bar - perhaps a new mince pie hifi, and milk HEXA for tea.

Off to gym tonight.

Have a great day xx


Woman on a mission!
Friday 22nd Oct - Green Day

Yesterday went well, did a new class at the gym - 20/20/20 - which was an aerobics / step / conditioning combo. my glutes hurt today! i like this!!

Hav a big party tonight, so my sins will be used on Vodka & diet coke.

Here is the rest of my menu:

B - WW brown Bread (HEXB) baked beans, Mushrooms
L - Cajun Veg pasta, mullerlight cherry choc (2 sins), melon
S - 2 x Alpen light (HEXB)
D - cous cous, banana
Sins - Mullerlight - 2, vodka & diet coke. will allow 20 - 25 sins?

Enjoy your weekends xx


Woman on a mission!
Monday 25th Oct - Extra Easy

Well, to say I had a 'sin-ful' weekend would be an understatement!! I went over by about 25 for the week, so its extra body magic for me for the next few days. I had a busier than usual weekend though, and I knew it would be hard to stay on track, so I did the best I could!

Back to it today

B - 2 x Weight watchers brown (HEXB), ham, rocket salad, scrape mayo (1.5)
L - Jp & beans, Melon, banana
D - Steak, Home made wedges, Mushrooms, onions, tomato, Mushy Peas.
HEXA - Milk for Tea & coffee
S - 1.5, trying not to use too many and add to the ever growing total - gulp!


Woman on a mission!
3 weeks to go!! 3 weeks to go!!

Tuesday 26th Oct - Extra Easy

morning minis!!

Hope you are all good today.

Off to the gym tonight, didnt make yest eve as I was knackered - so OH made me a nice dinner and we watched a film - ahh! Tonight though I am ready to pump some iron - oh yeah!:whacky068: (me on the treadmill!)

Todays menu:

B - 28g oats (HEXB), 350ml Skim Milk (HEXA), banana
L - Home made mushroom, bacon & onion quiche & side salad. melon, mullerlight
D - SW mousakka, Roasted Veg & Salad
Sins - still trying tobe light on sins to limit the weekend, so will have an options hot choc after dinner - 2.


Woman on a mission!
Wednesday 27th Oct - Extra Easy

Morning all - happy Wednesday!

went to the gym last night which was good and not too sore today which is a plus, so off to swimming before WI. Hoping for a loss, but will take a STS after the weekend and my 140 odd sins... ho hum! Still - i enjoyed it, and more so as I was back in the saddle straight away after the naughtyness!

Today's menu:

B - Poached egg, quorn sausage, mushrooms, potato cake
L - SW Mushroom, bacon & Onion quiche, Salad, Melon, Mullerlight
Snack - 2 x Alpen Light (HEXB)
D - SW Mousakka, Salad, roasted Veg
Sins - Not sure yet, Maybe slice of garlic bread with mousakka and a options hot choc 5.5
HEXA - Skim Milk

Have a great day


Woman on a mission!
Thursday 28th Oct - Red Day

Well, I had the WI last night and lost half a pound! I was so happy! I guess it just shows that you can go astray as long as you stick to plan the rest of the time it works!! needless to say i am now so motivated!!

B - 2 x ww bread (HEXB), poached egg, mushrooms, quorn sausage
L - (out at pub but have looked at menu in advance) - Starter, tomato soup (no bread), main - grilled chicken with celariac and leeks.
D - Chicken (again!), with 227G jacket pos (HEXB), green beans and cabbage.
I will allow my days sins for the lunch - so will guess 10 for oil etc in the soup and on the veg.

Off to gym tonight for 20 20 20, which is a great new class I have discovered!

Enjoy xx


Woman on a mission!
Oh Yeah - its FRIIIIIIDAY!

Friday 29th October - Red Day

Woo hoo, another weekend is upon us! Lots going on as I am seeing family and friends this weekend, but they are all coming to me - so was scouring my SW cookbooks, and have sorted some lovely meals for the weekend. will indulge in a few vodka's - but nothing like the last two weeks!

On with today's menu:

B - 2 egg omelette with Ham, Mushroom, onion and 42G L/f cheddar (HEXA)
L - 2 ryvita & 1 alpen light (HEXB), cottage cheese, Tuna Salad
Snack - Banana
D - Lamb Curry, Home made chappati bread with wholemeal/ wheat flour (i can never remember!) (HEXB).
sins: 2 x low alcohol wine - 5, 1/4 can l/f coconut milk - 4.5
HEXA - Skimmed milk for tea & coffee.

Big clean on the house tonight in prep for weekend visitors, that has gotta count for body magic right?!

Have a good weekend all x
Well done on your loss at your last WI and it's great that you've dug up those SW books for recipes this weekend. Keep up that motivation...Egypt is near :)


Woman on a mission!
two weeks and counting....!

Monday 1st November - Red day

Hello mm's!
Hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a wonderful 'on track' weekend, so looking forward to carrying on the week!

My menu for today:
B - 2 weetabix (HEXB), Skim milk (HEXA), Banana
L - home made mushroom, onion & bacon quiche, melon & grapes, mullerlight
D - Home made lamb burgers, BNS chips, brown roll (HEXB) 42g cheddar on burger (HEXA)

Here is to a great week! x


Woman on a mission!
two weeks .... two weeks!!!!

Tuesday 2nd November - Mix2Max

Good morning ;)

Lovely day yesterday! This is week 3 on plan and it feels good.
Off to gym tonight, going to get some running training for my half marathon in March.

Today menu:
B - 2 ww bread (HEXB), baked beans
L - Home made mushroom, onion and bacon quiche, salad, melon, mullerlight
D - Quorn sausage, onion gravy (2), and mashed Pots (made with stock and HEXA cheese), cabbage
Other HEX's - A - milk for Tea and coffee, B - Hifi for some point in the day!
Sins - 2 for gravy and prob an options hot choc - 4 total.

Drank 6 pints of water yest (OMG) and planning on the same amount today, its amazing what loads of water can do for you hey!

Have a good Tuesday all x


Woman on a mission!
Weigh Day!

Wednesday 3rd Nov - Green Day

Morning All, today is weigh day - eek! I feel ive been 'good' this week - but have a fear that the last two weeks where I havent been as good may have caught up. I guess we'll see at 7? I have swimming just before group, so hopefully a last ditch attempt before the scales might help lol!

Last night I went to the gym which was good. Quite tough, but no pain no gain and all that.

Menu for today:
B - 2 poached eggs, baked beans, mushrooms, 1 quorn sausage
L - 2 x ww bread (HEXB), 42g lf cheddar (HEXA), tomato & lettuce, Melon, Mullerlight
D (after group) - Pasta, Quorn chunks, 85g Bacon (HEXB), mushrooms (like a carbonara!), WW creme fraiche (2), 28g Parmesan (HEXA)

have a good day now!


Woman on a mission!
Stayed the same...

Thursday 4th November - Red Day

Weigh in last night I STS, which to be honest with - I wasnt surprised. I had hoped to lose this week (0.5 away from 2st shiny!) but after 2 naughty weekends I knew it would catch up sooner or later. However, I have to say - usually a STS or gain would have me diving for the biscuit tin....not now! I instead went home and made yum SW carbonara for tea, chopped up loads of fresh fruit for today and made a chilli for lunch to get myself going!

I am away with work Wed - Fri next week, so no WI now for 3 weeks (as then holiday will happen - yay!), so can I lose / maintain after 2 trips. Well - i certainely hope so!

Buying a 12 week countdown when next back at group - so roll on Wed 1st Dec!

Anyway - enough ramblings, Today's diary:

B - 2 ww Bread (HEXB), WW strawberry Jam (2S)
L - Chilli, 198g pots made into wedges (HEXB), 42g cheddar (HEXA), melon, mullerlight
D - Chicken wrapped in Bacon, Green Beans, Cabbage and Mushrooms. Gravy (2s)
May also have a cereal bar - weetabix oaty - 3.5s
Sins - 7.5
Gym after work - class 1hr, 20 20 20.

Have good day all x
Do a lot of body magic and that can help. Whatever you do, have a great holiday and you are going away almost 2 stone lighter- so that in itself is something to be proud of.

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