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8 Weeks On Pic...................Hahahaha

Ok, when I started CD I was a big fan of granny pants, you know full briefs !

I have worn them for years, to keep my tum in !!!!

Anyways today while shopping I bought some new pants and as I chuckled to myself in the shop I thought I am going to put a pic on Minimins and hope you find it funny !

Good Bye Granny Knickers !

They are still not thongs nor bikini briefs, but they are a bit more attractive and I thought they were fun !!! Never thought I would ever get into a size 14 knickers, the last time was probably when I was about 20 (I am now 34)

Here is the link or it is in my photo gallery hahaha !

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Hi charley24,

Your photos are absolutely amazing!!! They are inspirational!!!

I just can't believe the difference in just 8 weeks!!!

Well done!:happy096:

Love Mini xxx
like the pants u do look sexy and sassy, well done xxx u r looking grearrrrrtttttttt!

Mrs Z

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That is absolutely fantastic - you must feel so proud of yourself.

Well done!

I'm a long way of publishing pics of me in my pants and really wish I was as confident and as "thin" to be able to do so!

Well done (again)
lol, they're kewl!!! and I just was looking at a few of your other pics...and
WOW...you have done so amazingly, hun!!!...!!!:)


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Fab achievement!!! I am still a bit too shy to put underwear pics up! I have some which amaze me when I look at them yet I can't quite bring myself to post them as I still have a belly!

I suppose it's no different to wearing a bikini on the beach...maybe I will post them later. I will psyche myself up!!!

Well done again! x
WOW ! what am amazing transformation - you look fabulous :D

Debz xx
Thanks so much, I just think what the heck, I have looked thru peoples albums and they have kept me going, if mine can help others that's great !

I look better from the back tho haha, I was in asda when I saw the pants and straight away I thought of mini mins, and the big knicker comments !

When the first ones were taken I felt so down, but it's funny I actully like seeing them now as I know that CD is working.

I would tell anyone to take a pic at the start and then watch yourself get smaller, sometimes you may think oh it's taking too long or I haven't changed much then a photo can show the actual evidence, especially when you are almost naked !

I appreciate I have cellulite, and I am not a slim girl by any means, but I am on this journey and I am getting somewhere, I can't look at them and say oh I haven't changed.

Let's be proud of who we are and see the changes as we battle this journey together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks so much, I just think what the heck, I have looked thru peoples albums and they have kept me going, if mine can help others that's great !
I think that it really, really helps. What makes it better is that it's "real" people and not the "glossy" magazine people you see on diet adverts who probably have a fat twin and a stick thin twin doing the before and after pictures.

It's great to chat to people on here and see their "real" pictures and to ask them how they did it, how they stuck to it and get the motivation to carry on.

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