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Went to see this yesterday, and thought it was utterly atrocious. It ran like a very long showreel - extremely pretty graphics, with a nonsensical, inconsistent plot and characters who were uninteresting and poorly-conceived.

I also get extremely bored of the "Technology is evil and will destroy you all" message, and 9 hammers this one home again and again and again (and again, and... just in case you weren't paying attention the first billion times... again...). Which is ironic for a film which couldn't've been made, distributed or shown without modern technology.
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Thanks for your comments re. "9". My younger son wants to see this on his birthday with a few friends, I shall show him your comments and see if he still wants to go. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any other suitable films for 12 & 13 year olds though on at our cinema.


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I suppose it depends on whether your young chap enjoys special effects enough that he can ignore the lack of good story. My nephew's coming up on 13, and he's been at the stage for about a year now where if a story doesn't make sense he'll question it rather than accept it.

Alas this time of year is one of the distribution dead-zones. It's past Halloween, but not yet the Christmas blockbuster season. The Vampire's Assistant might be a good choice for lads around this age - haven't seen it, but it's adapted from the Darren Shan books, which are pretty good.

Still, if he fancies 9, why not :D He might enjoy it more than I did ;)