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A question - re my favourite mix a mousse!!


Cambridge Consultant
Lol even though I actually hated it the first time I tried it . most of you know as I have made it known that I now love it. its just getting it right..

Anyway.. my question is does it make a difference if you have a mix a mousse every night or a sachet as I know the mix a mousse has more calories. It may sound like a silly question but was not sure if it was ok to have it every now....

Ohhhh how I love my strawberry mousse x:)
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am 99.9% sure you can have it once a day.



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Curlywurly, as you know I started mix-a-mousse the same time as you. it's the first time I had it, even when I did CD before for 3 months I never had mix-a-mousse. How did I live without it:)? I love it sooooo much. I have one every night for my dinner. If I could have 3 (even 2) a day I would - I love them.

You know I put the 1/2lb on last week and me and CDC were going through everything I ate, she said I should cut back on the mousse and not have it every night - even though one scoop per day IS allowed. To be honest, I think she was just clutching at straws and I haven't cut back. I won't either becasue I enjoy them so much and if a mix-a-mousse is my only pleasure food wise at the moment, I am as sure as hell gonna eat it :)


Cambridge Consultant
Thanks girls........

Mia........ ok........ Im going to carry on with my mix a mousse I look forward to it every night too.... and like you I dont think I could not have it..... Last week I only got mint choc and strawberry sachets for my mix a mousse ...... how sad am I...


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Lol. Love it- your cdc is keeping tabs on you!!!
I am having one a day too. I have weighed myself this morning and I was 12st 12, so don't think it's having any affect on me....apart from keeping me focussed and not cheating- it's great having something different!
Helen xxx


Cambridge Consultant
Lol you never know when they are going to pop up!! lol I dont mind Sharon...... you can keep tabs on me!! (just incase your reading) lol
Thats good Helen we can carry on then with our mix a mousse Yipppeeee..


Team 1 all the way!
I think Choc mint is a great one to start off with. It's my absolute fave. But I may try strawberry tonight!
You have to leave it quite a bit longer to set, but if you add half a scoop of mix a mousse to each of two packs, you get two mousses for your one scoop a day allowance. ;)
banana, strawberry, choc mint, these are my faves...
what is the cal difference thing then? Is it just cals or carbs as well...
~looking around for summer...


Laugh, love, live!
I love the mousse too, I take one to work in a cool bag packed with ice packs and have it for my lunch. Tomorrow I'm gonna make up a shake then try it in my ice cream maker to see how that turns out..........god I can't wait!!! lol xx
wabbit you r so clever!! xx
I'm gonna make one up and pour it into ice moulds for when the weather gets nice again xx
I normally make 2 mousses at night, one for that night and one for the following morning, so I mix the flavours... so I pour half in each bowl, and after 10 mins in the fridge, the other halfs... yummy... my favourite, vanilla and chocolate!!!!

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