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Activity points... Rude Question...

Myself and Poogatch have just started the WW diet today, and wondering about the activety points can you bulid up AP's through a randy romp?

Didnt really want to ask the lady running the group as our group is mainly those of the older generation & bless him, scott was the only lad there.

Any ideas? i'd said it for a joke but i am now quite curious, whether or not to introduce it into an exercise regieme. :break_diet:
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Mad as a Hatter
Sounds fun and I don't know the answer, but remember when you have been doing an extra activity for more than 2 weeks, it becomes normal activity and you can't count it in your APs...


Likes to eat
ha ha!!! - I dont know to be honest, I suppose it would completely depend on how strenuous it is - if you know what I mean - a quickie as opposed to an hour long, copy half of the karma sutra one
well i had to look in the book!!

Low intensity- breathing normally, talking normally and able to sing (tho i imagine this would be off putting
Medium intensity-breathing often and deep (oor err mrs) still able to hold a conversation, unable to sing (well i cant anyway!!)
High intesnisty breathing rapidly, can only talk briefly(but i bet he's not even listening by now!!) and still unable to sing (maybe a halleluya at the end??)

oh yeah and it mentions being sweaty but only after 10 mins( i'd be so lucky:D)

so there you go if you can romp and do any of the above at the same time , all you have to do is time your 'session' and you can work out your ap's

Good theory cos our oH's ae always keen to be supportive of our weight loss efforts;)
Its the perfect exercise you dont even have to get out your bed to do it... what more can you ask for really ;)

Just remember to count any *ahem* points you may consume? :whistle:
say's you christening car's and losing 6lb!!!!!! PMSL!!!!! you must be good at working alll the AP's v consumed points ;) x
:rotflmao: I never thought of that... wonder if theres a direct link. Maybe I should try and experiment on Friday, purely in the name of science you understand :giggle:

:8855: ofcourse you must, wouldn't expect anything less..... Will you be reporting back Friday night or saturday? i'lll look out for your update!!!!:silly::silly:

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