Adverts that rile my blood


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Hi all

I maybe a few pence short of the pound but there are some adverts that make me puke bile

Case study 1:

George by Asda - the pregnant mother one

The bit at the end 'dads not included'...with the serious amount of dads that DONT include themselves - it annoys me - it feels like a kick in the face of all the poor girls struggling away bringing up the kids who would LOVE a 'dad to be included'

Its a joke - its just not funny.

Case study 2:

Kodak Camera Booths

a very young and unaccompanied (by the look) boy about 4/5 printing a picture from a Kodak booth is no less than accosted by an old man asking him all sorts

Even when the kid says he's 'got it' the old geezer continues...

'thats a nice picture' what next? eh!

Goddamn it, in this day and age, kids are taught not to talk to dirty old men in museums...


Well i cant think of any other at the moment.