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Ahhhhh i have ribs!!! and no i dont mean the bbq kind!!

Hi Guys!
Just had to share this!
Lay in bed last night i couldnt get very comfortable, so after several tossing and turning sessions i thought it may be the bedsprings coming through, after investigating the mattress was soft and smooth, as i lay back down i felt uncomfortable again like something was digging in me, on feeling along my body i noticed ribs!! yes ribs!! (its been that long)
I have a big smile on my face today :pxx
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LOL I posted about ribs on my blog this very morning, I also remember getting Jo to check as I could feel lumps in my side and she said 'they are just your ribs'


Well done you :)

I remember when I found my ribs!! My hipbones and boney bum soon followed!!! Well done on re-discovering them xxx
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hehe...well done on the "breakthough"!!

I find it uncomfortable to lie on my side with my knees one on top of the other due to bones digging in!!!

Keep up the great work.
Makes a change from when I wsa laying in bed before LL and thought I was laying on something - it turned out to be my back fat!!!!
just wait til you get the bony bum - i found driving really uncomfy, til i realised what it was!
daisy x


I will do this!
hehe well done you! I finddriving and my boney bum uncomfortable! But love feeling my hip bones after so many years ;)


Gotta Make A Change
what a feeling it is :)
im getting used to my boney bum, as when im doing situps the bone really does dig you lol - thought id share that lol
Well done you! :)

I also have to say my bum feels like someone else's! :p I can get a hand round the cheek and I sometimes do it when I don't realise! :D Just to check it does actually belong on me! xx :)


Gotta Make A Change
good stuff laydeebug :D
Absolutely agree. Isn't it strange how many chairs I previously thought were comfortable actually aren't?
Used to carry around my own upholstery!
lol, what a great feeling finding all these bones that have been hidden for years.
I lie in bed and don't let him sleep until he has felt all the new ones that are appearing:D

Had a bit of a shock when i found a lump between my breasts, was almost on the phone to GP but OH said it was my sternum. I still wasn't convinced so had a check with friends....they all had one lol and had a right laugh.
Hehe, this made me laugh... I recently just discovered hip bones. I swear they never existed before!!!

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