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'Aint soup brilliant'

Whats your fave and worse meal?
I think soup gets bad press from certain individuals I will not mention any names as soupism is not a label I wish put on anyone.
Hmmm LizzieB and TraceyJ whats your fave??????

My fave is soup:) and my worse is flapjacks :(whats everyone elses?

Also I thought of a new song to show my love to the soup, it goes to the tune of a famous lager commercial, here goes;
dont forget the words now:D
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Wow! What an interesting song. How original :jelous:

I have one:

"Soup is poop and it tastes like goop
goop goop poop poop
Poop poop goop goop"

All together now.......


weighs a lot less
LOL sorry but im with lizzieb and tracyj on this on the soup is horrible loved it the first week ive even tried it again recently but no still yak
:eek: you soupists:cry:
I havena had the soup since my first go on this last year, I never like it much then so just never bothered this time round! I tend to go for 7 flapjacks as I find them really handy to carry into work - mind you I think their disgusting, I have to fource it down! My fave is the Choc shake, mixed with a tiny little water and mix it up like angel delight!!

But hey lizzie of you think the soup makes you poop, maybe I better try it!!
LOL! Is everyone at work just now? I swear I have been on here more today than what I have been working!
omg, r you lot all at work !!!!!!! thats not bad havin the intrnet at work im at home to cold to go out!!
I am at work and am Mon to Fri - 8 to 5! I would get shot if caught!! LOL! I sometimes log on in the eve but usally am so fed up with computers I dont bother!! The nosienss gets the betrter of me and I canna help but log on to see how everone is getting on!
I'm with fattothin and I love the soup. Hoorah for soup, I've bought 14 this week. I love it love it love it l love it like that. I'm not at work, broke up from uni on friday for 4 weeks, so it's like my summer holidays, would like to sit down and relax, but with 3 boys to look after I've no chance. lol
Im not keen on the strawberry shake very powdery i didnt buy any of them this week but did get 7 chick soup and i do put herbs in parsley,smoked paprika and mixed herbs mmmmmmm lovely !!!!!! Well bearable!!! lol
I just tried some piri piri, a splash of paprika and good old pepper in it tonight and it was lovely, 'just like a mama use to make'
i love the soup, i dont really vary it much, some nights i have paprika, some chilli powder but i like it best with curry powder. the worst meal is the vanilla shake!! GAG!!!
have u tried putting coffe in the vanilla shake and having it warm its like having a latte !!!

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