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Am thinking of starting slimming world

I would 150%. I absolutley love it!!! And it really works (just check out people's losses!) Ive never done WW but Ive heard people saying about how much you can eat on SW compared to WW - you will never ever ever feel hungry. Honestly! I say go for it, it might take a wee while to get your head around it as youd be used to WW, but once you know what your doing its brillant :D


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Hi Happy_feet,

Wishing you good luck with SW.

Starlight has swapped over from WW and is doing very well on Slimming World.

From reading her posts it takes a while to stop yourself from counting WW points and to start thinking in SW way of doing things.

Also, they seem to be able to eat loads:p
and still manage to loose weight!

Have not tried it myself yet, but thinking about it.

Love Mini xxx


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
hi and yes i would def recommend it , i like you have done ww for years and was always scepital about sw and wether it would work for me . honestly i wish i had started sw when i was at my heaviest it is a fab diet (if you can call it that ) good luck in what enver you decide to do but if i had to do it all over again i never would have done ww. Hope this helps x
thank you mini and skaki will give it a go starting tomorow
i would defently recommend it i have to many people wanting to lose weight. good luck with starting and let us know how it goes. xxx
I did WW for 2 years and LOVED it and contrary to what people say I can honestly say I NEVER felt hungry - ever!!! I decided on a change as after my dad died I just couldnt get back in the zone to stick to the plan properly and decided to try something new.

When I started SW I tried to have things I didnt eat on WW purely to stop the point calculating
is there a good starting thread on here i could look at? cant afford the meetings at the moment so will be doing it at home is that wise?


Slow but sure....
I am an ex WW'er too and never thought any diet could beat it, but here I am a converted SW'er now.

I will always follow this diet now, it is marvellous, I just wish I had found it sooner, I don't even feel as if I am on a diet, but the scales keep coming down every week.

Welcome to the forum, come and join SW, you won't regret it. X


Slow but sure....
Check out 'The threads in Forum'.....at the top of the page, the first 'sticky' will tell you everything you need to know.

Good luck to you. X
have found the newcomes thread and am reading it....not the brightest of bunnies me sometimes lol
I too heartily recommend SW. It IS hard to get your head round it at first, even if you haven't been following a diet previously. But now both hubby and I don't even think of it as a diet - it's our new healthy eating plan for life!

I hope that you give SW a try at the very least, and wish you good luck whatever you decide.
I would wholeheartedly recommend SW.... I look on it as a lifestyle, rather than a diet. Hopefully when I get to target I will have the rules firmly set in my mind. Then I can maintain using the same principles. Good Luck.

Hey girlie.
Iv found this thread a lil late and the rest have all ready given u good advise..

Just wanted to welcome you to the sw way of life and wish you the best of luck. I dont think you'l be dissapointed.. just stick to plan, use your syns, have your HE's and relax..

i cant afford a meeting at the moment, is there anywhere on here i can look at that will tell me the basics of SW to start me off, ie what green and red days are and what syns are and how many i am allowed...?
You will find starting SW will be a life changing event for you. I hope you have a good read of the threads on here, and you decide to give it a go.

Good luck

Phil x


Starting Again!
Ah someone has done my work for me! I would DEFINATELY recommend SW (I think most people in the SW sub-forum would...) Granted it is a tad complicated to get your head round at first, especially as it encourages you to eat! Something all other diets tell you not to.

The best way to get the information i.e. what red/green days are etc. is to go to a meeting. I know you said you couldn't afford them, but it is really the best way, even if you go once, get the books and all the info and a chat from the consultant and then never go back! Will be the best £15 you ever spend. In fact one of the womens mags (I think it's Woman) has free membership so you'll just have to pay £4.50 for the night.

Others have gotten the books from ebay but they are rather over-priced! There isn't really a way to get all the information you need for free. SW have worked excellently with MiniMins, but they have given us a copyright clarification warning asking us not to give out the password, or write up pages from books (lists of healthy extras, free foods or syns for example.)

Hope this helps and good luck.

Natt xxx

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