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Ann Widdecombe Versus the Diet Industry 9:00pm tonight!! Thursday


Gone fishing
Ann Widdecombe Versus the Diet Industry

Thursday 25 September
9:00pm - 10:00pm
ITV1 Meridian
Today, the mighty Ann Widdecombe takes on the multi-million pound diet industry, investigating the role that celebrities, glossy magazines, and the cosmetic surgery industry play in making the public thinner - and themselves richer.
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KD watching it now


Gone fishing
I'm not :D

Have got it down to record. Might find myself agreeing with lots, and disagreeing with some too:eek:


Ancient Egypt Nut!
She's scary....just scary!!!!....lol:eek::eek::eek::D
I watched half of it but my blood pressure was probably through the roof watching it so I deleted it.

What a pile of c*** that was. So totally biased. How can they make such a general sweeping statement 'Diets dont work' Bottom line is stick to them and diets DO work. Its what you do when you come off them that determines the long term success.

Shame they didnt have some diet successes on there too
I agree that 'diets' don't work. The ONLY thing that works long term is a commitment to change. That may start off with a diet but ultimately you have to follow that up with a lifestyle or it WILL fail. You can diet for 6 months and lose 4 stone but if after that 6 months you revert back to how you were before it will all go back on again. In that instance the 'diet' won't have worked.

I personally hate the word diet as it implies a short term solution to a long term problem. I much prefer a lifestyle to a diet

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