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Another OMG moment! And a top tip from KD land-Christmas trees!!


Gone fishing
A six foot tall, seven foot wide Christmas tree looks silly in a 12*12 music room that has all round fitted furniture and 2 pianos :D

Have put a sign on the door for all students and there parents.

Enter Ye The Forest!!

Beware the tree!!

No room for parents


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Gone fishing
Quicker to jump over than walk around! :eek:
Assuming you are happing to jump from the door and be prepared to smash your nose on the opposite wall :D I've sort of squashed it in a corner. Does look nice, but should have bought a smaller one. It's been ages since we've had a real tree and I had forgotten how wide they are.:eek:

Done it up now and it looks good. Need more lights. thought 4 sets was enough!

also need some dried sliced oranges which nowhere seems to sell, so had to buy an orange:rolleyes: Sliced it the wrong way, so had to brave the weather and walk even further to find a shop open to sell me another one.

Now in the oven drying. How long should I keep it on for? Any idea? Thought about keeping it very low all night. Not in the mood to take risks though:rolleyes:

Could do with icemoose's dehydrator.

KD, next year get one of these

Christmas Tree Poster

Loads more space!

And no needles.

I'll bear that in mind for next year Mike :D


Gone fishing
Found this KD.


There is a microwave method if you are in a hurry.:rolleyes:

Fantastic. I did a google, but didn't find that. Brill. It's had 3 hours so far on 50, so I'll turn it off overnight and see what it's like in the morning.
I wonder if the little darlings know how much effort you put in on their behalf.
It's for DS2 really. A promise I made last year. My piano kids are 'borrowing' it for a couple of weeks. Then we are going to try to move it to the family room for Xmas:rolleyes: Me thinks it's going to be a disaster. Trying to get it through the door and all that.

I envisage a nice wintery leafless tree of twigs by then :D

It has been fun though. DS2 and 3 other boys from his class put the lights on it. 4 grammar school boys arranging lights is very entertaining.

Boy 1: I think we need a light every 1 cubic cm....so by my calculations we will need......xx amount of lights.
Boy 2: If we work out the radius on the tree we can see how many revolutions we will need per set of lights and then see how many sets will be best.
Boy 3: Are you sure the voltage will be okay with all these lights together. Let me check............
DS2: Ack. Let's just put them on :D

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