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gunna be a fatty for ever
:d'oh: silly me has done it again!! I hopped on the scales this mornin an it says ive put 2lbs since sunday!! Ive been super super good all week to try evict them pesky squatters!!

Now im feeling poooo and want to eat nice things to make me feel better! Ive already eaten 2 meringue nest and a mini bag of haribos (the 20p ones!). :17729:

And to make matters worse mother in law just brought kids a massive sweet filled cracker thing! When i say massive its the size of a carrier bag full of the stuff!! Shes only 3 so there will be some serious teeth brushing :brushing teeth:
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stay strong. how often are you weighing yourself:confused: because weight fluctuates from day to day and at different times of the day. anyway they do say a little of what you fancy does you good.:p;)
keep going kae x


gunna be a fatty for ever
I am weighing every other day usually about 10 am! Well i go to get weighed with doctor on thursday and as i only got my own set of scales the week after i'd been there i dont know what i weighed so im guessin that i have not lost a single pound!

Im really starting to wonder if xenical is rite for me. Does any one know the number for map? i was looking for it an only found the number for roche who make the tablets!!

Thanks crystalfaery

You naughty girl - stay away from those scales! :whoopass::whoopass::whoopass:

As far as I am aware, you can only register for MAPassist online and they dont have the 'helpline' anymore.

Stick with it though hun, you wouldnt have lost what you have without it, so something must be working? xx


I will do this...
Step away from the sweeties!

Don't loose faith... keep going! Everybody looses weight differently but in a day my weight goes up and down loads. I know how hard it is to stay of those scales though... I'm totally addicted to weighing myself.

I try and make myself more determined though when I see a rise in the scales.

But all saying that, I know how hard all of this is.

I hope you are feeling a wee bitty better xx
dont quit!!

see my thread about different scales, BIN yours and only get weighed at the doctors.

you CAN do this!


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I tell you what, the BEST thing I ever did was ask my other half to hide the scales for me for a month and it worked wonders. I used to hop on the scales ALL the time and it was bloody well depressing.

With them out the way, you don't know what you have lost so it makes you work harder to make sure you have lost and doesn't get you upset when you haven't.

I know where they are now and just don't bother with them, I get weighed at the doctors every month, the same date and use his because as well, my scales were different to his etc... and it go very confusing.

Go on, get your mum to take them home and then you can't weigh yourself, you will be loads better in the long run!
certainly don't weigh any more than once a week i got rid of my scales because they really demotivated me coz i couldn't stay off them and i was gettjng awful up down readings... i started to measure myself instead it gives a much truer read of how your doing but still no more than once a week.:D