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Article in times news paper


The Me Is Back.........
As some of you already know I work as a train guard for sout hwest trains.

On Friday i met one of there reporters on my train who did not have a ticket.

On Monday the following article was issued by The Times Newspaper.
Fare trap for passengers hit by queues-News-UK-TimesOnline

Yesterday in response to that article SWT issued the follwing to the BBC.
BBC NEWS | England | Rail firm denies ticket fare row

I was that guard how do you think im feeling at the moment.............:cry:

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The Me Is Back.........
To say i feel like crap is an understatement i have phoned in sick today i just cant face going in, not back in till Monday hopefully i will be feeling better by then.

Hi Martin , i dont post much just lurk here and there !

I response to the guard thing , you were just doing your job .
If you had let this person get away with not having the ticket things that were reported could have been much worse.
i say well done to you for sticking by the rules and doing your job as it should be done.

hope you are feeling a better now x
Oh hun - you really have been put in the most awful position by your management. How very unfair of them to do this to their staff.

You have done nothing wrong - you have followed their directives - as inflexible as they are. You shouldn't feel bad about the journo 'exposing' their policy - they should and obviously do which is why they're denying it! T*ssers!

I jolly well hope you've had a senior manager on the phone apologising to you today - or at least to say 'well done' for doing what you were told your job was!

Are you in a Union? Would they be any good in this situation?

What do your colleagues say? I would bet good money that they're furious on your behalf!!!



finding my way again !
looks like you're being made a scape goat here,as previously said, if you're in a union, speak to them as a matter of urgency.
good luck
Well that last report just vindicates you, doesn't it! Proves that you're not at fault whatsoever!

I do hope you're feeling better about the whole thing, hun.



The Me Is Back.........
Have had a call from my manager feeeling better just wish it would all blow over.

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