attempt to be a thin wargamer


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Hi all.
Warflabber here, thought I would drop by and say hello.
So where to begin....So I have had quite a lot going on and life seems to have gotten on top of me, I have just approached month 6 of being unemployed, my father is rather ill, my daughter has just been diagnosed with autism, so I have been pretty low. It kind of hit me I need to get out of this funk, get my life in order, and lose some weight, especially when the wife comes back from the shops to find me at 2pm, still in my pyjamas, under a blanket, eating one of my daughters easter eggs. PLus being 5ft6 and 220 pounds aint good.

So eff you belly, I am going to turn my life around!

I am going to keep on top of the housework, lose weight, and paint some of my miniatures (my main hobby is wargaming).

So not only am I trying to turn my life around, I am conducting an experiment to see what a thin wargamer looks like.

I look forward to being part of this community, for gaining support, and a kick up the bum when I need it.


(dont worry, I replaced the easter egg)
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