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  1. Bee123

    Bee123 Full Member

    Well fist day at it today's weight is 15st 7lbs aim for 1300 cals Today's food so far.

    Breakfast - none was still full from yesterday's cheesecake pig out :jelous:

    lunch homemade lentil soup 100 cal laughing cow cheese dipper 101 cal

    dinner Morrison pre made baked potato, 2 turkey drummers and salad 526 cal pineapple and strawberries 73 cal

    snacks Special K cracker crisps 85 cal, milk for tea 100 ml 50 cal
    Tuc crackers with laughing cow and chicken 285

    Total 1147
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  3. Bee123

    Bee123 Full Member

    Day 2 B/fast go aheads 150 cal

    Lunch Homemade lentil and veg soup 100 cal Laughing cow dipper 101 cal

    Dinner Hotdog on roll and chips done in the actifry 464 cals Sugar free jelly 8 cals

    Snacks Special K cracker crisps 85 cals And supper was 2 slice of danish toast with laughing cow and beetroot 236

    Total 1114
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  4. KBQueen

    KBQueen Yummy Mummy in the making

    Good luck on your journey x
  5. Bee123

    Bee123 Full Member

  6. Bee123

    Bee123 Full Member

    Day 3 Breakfast - danish bread toasted and laughing cow Lunch Homemade soup and cracker crisps Dinner Grilled chicken and actifry potatoes an carrots Snacks Popcorn Go aheads Apple and strawberries

    Tot 1173
  7. Bee123

    Bee123 Full Member

    Had a busy few days but still on it and doing ok, gonna have pizza tonight for tea but it's the first time I've gone a bitty mad with food so not so bothered

    Have a good week end all x
  8. Bee123

    Bee123 Full Member

    Well just the 2lbs off this week not great but a start I've been really bloated lately as it's that time of the month, off for a wee break on Thursday till Sunday so will try be as good as
    I can, however I think I will be doing a proper detox start come next Monday lol
  9. Bee123

    Bee123 Full Member

    Back from my little mini break and as usual drunk and eat far too much back on the wagon today so ready for it xxx
  10. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    Welcome back Bee :)
  11. Bee123

    Bee123 Full Member

    Thanks hun

    Well done my weigh in and after messing aroud all for last few days I've lost 1lb rearing to go now ladies, hope ur all well x
  12. systema

    systema Gold Member

    Another pound gone - well done. :clap::clap::clap:
  13. Bee123

    Bee123 Full Member

    Thanks x
  14. Bee123

    Bee123 Full Member

    Today's food

    Breakfast - frosties and milk
    Lunch - bagel with l/cow extra light and cuppa soup
    Dinner - chicken with boiled pot and salad
    Some fresh fruit

    Crumpets with l/cow
    Cracker crisps

    Total cal 1314 / 1500
  15. Bee123

    Bee123 Full Member

    Wed 2nd

    Breakfast 2x crumpets and l/cow extra light

    Lunch - turkey salad and Special K cracker crisps

    Dinner - chicken and cheese pasta bake

    Snacks Grapes and apple snack bag Rivita cracker bread with l/cow extra light and cherry toms Hot chocolate Total 1295/1500
  16. Bee123

    Bee123 Full Member

    Thurs 3rd

    Breakfast - 2 slice of toast and plum tomatoes

    Lunch - turkey salad and beetroot sandwich

    Dinner - chicken, baked pot and salad


    Milk for tea

    Total 1413 / 1500
  17. Bee123

    Bee123 Full Member

    Monday 7th

    Breakfast crumpets wort laughing cow light
    Lunch 3 bean and veg soup and packet of walkers
    Dinner fish and oven chips with peas

    Cereal bar

  18. Bee123

    Bee123 Full Member

    Still here and still sticking to plan however not done a weigh in for a while, been really busy at work and home and hope to slow down soon and keep up to date with everyone x
  19. Bee123

    Bee123 Full Member

    Tues plan

    B/fast. Cereal and skim milk

    Lunch - soup

    Dinner - morrisons healthy meal beef and mash with carrots

    Snacks 2x orange Summer fruit bar
    Grapes and slim fast snack bar
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  20. Bee123

    Bee123 Full Member

    Wooohoooo lost 3 lbs since last weigh In :)
  21. Bee123

    Bee123 Full Member


    Breakfast - health shake
    Lunch - home made soup
    Dinner - steak, mash, peas and tomatoes
    Apple, 2x satsuma , cereal bar

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