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Bio Oil - Does it work??


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Mini, that sounds absolutely devine! I think I should treat myself to a massage after my 100 days are up instead of celebrating with food because I still have more to lose so want to continue to SS.

I just don't fancy showing off all my wobbly bits to the poor girl who has to do the massage though!
Hi Shadow,

I had my first massage with her when I was pretty big and I asked her first on the phone what would I bring with me for the all over massage:eek:

She said nothing really as we provide everything...and I said but, but what about knickers and she said O! we supply paper G strings and I said, well I am big and I don't think they will fit me and she said of course they will blah, blah..

Anyway...I brought my own knickers and dressing gown in XXXXXXX or how may XXXX's they were at the time and just as well I did!!!:eek:

She gave me her biggest paper G string and of course it popped by the time it got near my thighs:mad: Luckily I had my spare knickers with me and my own dressing gown...The wee girl was a gem and gave me such a wonderful massage and I felt so good for days and weeks after it.

I like trying out other new places when ever I get a chance and so far she is one of the best, it is all in the hands...

If you do go, try and get an appointment for the evening so that when you come home you can take it easy and let the relaxed feeling take you all the way to bed.

My hairdresser does Indian head massage and honestly I find it hard not to moan too much...:eek: as it feels so good.

I am going to treat myself to a course of reflexology when I get down to ten stone...Again it is just wonderful.
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I think I will look for someone local and give it a go. I know of a man that is meant to be very good but not so sure about getting my clothes off in front of him!

I would highly recommend reflexology as my friend has qualified recently and all the way through her training I have been her guinnea pig.....this was no hardship! But the advantage is now I can have it for free any time I want :D

I am currently looking into taking a course in Indian Head Massage so I can do her head in exchange for my feet!

If I'm ever in the area I'll give you a freebie ;)


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S: 18st2lb C: 15st7lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 2st9lb(14.57%)
I will take you up on that as I can't say no to a massage of any kind.

I have not tried a man naked as yet!!!

Seems to be mostly women doing it, but I am sure he would be just as sensitive and aware of how you might feel, they are dealing with people all the time so they are well tuned in.

I read last year about a new massage treatment where you have something like five people, maybe it was three:confused: but they all work on you at the same time and I think that could be awesome...

Massaging your scalp helps with the circulation in your face.

In Top Sante, September issue on p.33 it says, "Yank your second toe"..Just by yanking your second toe (the one next to the big toe) and rubbing it vigorously, you can put the sparkle back in your eyes.

'The acupressure point on your second toe is connected to your eyes, so by stimulating it you really can brighten them', says Dr. Michael Perring, medical director of Optimal Health in Harley Street, London. 'Plus, because you'll be stretching the ligaments in your foot, you'll stimulate blood flow which will have an overall brightening effect on your complexion'.:)

I'm sitting behind my desk just now yanking my toe....I wonder if anyone will wonder why I've got a twinkle in my eye!

Have you ever tried Sekham? I have a friend who is an instructor and having explained to her the emotional journey I am taking with LighterLife, she has offered me some treatment. http://www.sekhemhome.com/ If you have not heard of it, have a look and tell me what you think. I'm receiving my treatment on Friday, so will let you know how it goes.

As for your 5 people massage! It sounds devine but not sure I could cope with 5 people when I'm naked....one's enough for me ;)
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I also do dry brushing

whats dry brushing?
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you brush your skin with a soft bristled body brush- towards the heart.
i do it sometimes, its supposed to help with cellulite and circulation.

not sure if it does, i don't do it often enough

daisy x
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might be the same i don't know. Previously when i had stretch marks they were red .. like if i put on weight too fast etc. Now I am losing weight fast i'm getting a lot of silvery thin little lines .. kinda the opposite of stretch marks where i guess my skin used to be stretched. Will bio oil or palmer's cocoa butter work on these too? or is it just for stretch marks? want to buy something as i have them on my upper arms now too .. but which to go for??!! sooo confused!!
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Hi all, I have been using bio oil since my bypass and I think it has reduced the marks from the op and previous stretch marks on my tum a treat! I thinks its great.

I like the smell and consistency and I use it twice a day but I cant say that if I had used a different lotion/oil it would have delievered the same results!

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