Bootcamp "Breakthrough" Weekender - 3rd-5th November 2006

I'm really looking forward to it!!

Anyone worried about going ....don't be!!

I went on the May Bootcamp and loved it...everyon4es so nice!



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Redpam - don't seem to have you on the list hun...???

Have emailed Shazza to book and am forwarding money to her bank.

Looking forward to going

Aaarrggh - DD has just informed me (or should i say reminded me) that she is singing with her school choir at the Albert Hall on the 5th! I'll have to wait til she gets back to school to find out the details and timings.

Hopefully i'll be able to work boot camp around it but may not be able to the pow wow around the table until 6 am this time!! :)


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and Botheration!
I cant go as I have a meeting in tunisia on that exact date, would love to have met you all, is this a regular thing, its up norf too so I could have got there!!!!!!!!!!!
Ah well, can we have updates while you are there!


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ht pink - OMG - hope you can work round it - won't be the same without you

Vicky - last bootcamp we did have internet connection - not so sure this time, but there will be plenty of updates when we all get back !!!! - And i am syure there will be others that hoprfully you will be able to make.



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Most likely Fiona - But Diva is working on the itinerary - Not online at the moment - think she will be back in the land of living next week


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Hiya Fiona

We sure are!!! :D Anybody that's interested in selling or providing anything for the marketplace, please drop me a PM. I'm not yet connected - as have just moved - but hoping to be back online next week and using my cousin's PC when I can!

Just to give you a little flavour of the kind of last BC we had Avon "bargains", clothes, jewellery, all sorts....come on guys any Peter Stringfellow, Anne Summers, Virgin Cosmetics all welcome! :D (is it just me or is there a theme there??:D)
Yay - Albert Hall thingy starts at 6 pm so i'll go straight there from wherever boot camp is! Might be an idea to take directions with me this time before i set off!


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1. Double Bedroom DIVA
2. Double Bedroon DQ
3. Double Bedroom SHAZZA
4. Double Bedroom EIRA
5. Double Bedroom CAROLINE
6. Double Bedroom ??

1. Twin Room MANDY and HD PINK
2. Twin Room FIONA and REDPAM
3. Twin Room JEM and DEBBIEMAC
4. Twin Room BUBBLES and LOOPY

1. Twin Room with Attached Single GENIE & SAM & ??
2. Twin Room with Attached Single ISIS & CLARIUS99 and ??
Just an update on spaces - Still some spaces left - Drop me a PM if you are interested

EIRA - please can you contact me hun - [email protected]



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Course you can - Drop me a PM after you have spoken to Diva - It is normal to be nervous as a first timer - But my first bootcamp was the best decision I made this year and I didnt know ANYONE.


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Have got FFF's PM - so will speak to you later, Shazza...:)