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BP checks at LL counselling sessions

Just thought you might be interested...

Our LLC has arranged a nurse to come in to do our BP checks for £5 each (we paid the nurse directly). I dont know how this compares to doctors or pharmasists but it seemed reasonable to me and the convenience makes it worth it.

Perhaps you could suggest it to more LLCs as it would make it easier for people who are being charged high fees from their doctors or who can't get an appointment with their GP or nurse.
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I was thinking of suggesting to my group that if we all chipped in between £5-£7 we could just buy one of those portable Omron desktop BP machines that my GP uses. We could check BP on a weekly basis by just passing it around during weigh in etc. The counsellor would be there to verify BP so that should be satisfactory.
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Trancer, I don't think that would be acceptable to lighterlife, it has to be someone proffesionally trained who stamps your form.

We did have a member who was a nurse for a while and she did it for £5 each, but then she was going through a hard time and chose to take a break from it all. Since then its not that easy to find a nurse thats willing to come.

But it is a good idea and worth a try.

There is no training really needed to use those machines, just basically put the cuff on your arm and press a button. Manual sphygmomanometers that are used with a stethoscope does require proper training though.

I would imagine the stamp is necessary to prove that you haven't just made up a number for your BP, however with the LL counsellor witnessing the readings I would think that would be sufficient...unless LL don't trust their counsellors?.
They wont accept your own reading. It has to have a stamp from a surgery or a nurses number. We tried asking that and were told it would not be accepted, must be something to do with insurance I think.

The automatic machines are easy to use but you have to line up to artery, and understand the reading this is why you need a professional.

I can't believe a group member charged - i do it for my group and would never dream of charging but hey who knows what was going on in her life, she may have been desperate.
I agree with you, I would never charge group members (or anyone else really), but I don't have a Nurse's number so I wouldn't be of any use. We do have two surgeons in our group, but I wouldn't ask...not even sure they would be allowed to do it outside of their offices etc.

I think we will have to agree to disagree on needing a professional to use the automatic machines though. They come with easy to follow instructions on cuff placement and there isn't any need to interpret the readings as they display what they are right on the screen.

It is a moot point though if LL require a medical professional's stamp on the forms, most likely as you say for insurance purposes.
Hi Trancer

I didn't mean actually reading on screen i meant actually knowing what these numbers mean and what normal readings are etc and what implications are health wise if someone's BP is out of normal limits etc. That's why it needs professional. I totally agree anyone could press start and write down numbers.

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