Britney Spears...Commando


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Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on Ms Spears bearing all her wears in her recent knickerless fiascos...

Personally i would just about die if i was caught on the hop like that...BUT then paparazzi aint following me to catch the money shot - honestly that photographer must be laughing all the way to the bank...

Anyhoo - not one to let these things pass me by - i have in fact glimpsed at the uncensored picture of Ms Spears and it aint particularly pretty

Has she gone too far? Janet came under fire because of half a boob...half a boob!!!!!

I think Ms Spears has been lead astray...she's always seemed to be abit naive...I think shes alright

is she now an evil influence on her young fans and be witch-hunted to her mansion? or a girl simply expressing her...or flashing her...umm

Anyways - its on my mind having viewed thus picture...

I didnt know she had done any such thing....then again, my head has been in the clouds lately!! Shes a silly girl....she has kids....should be setting an example not showing off bits that are meant to be kept private!! Imagine how the kiddies will feel in a few years time when someone shows them THAT pic of their mum?!