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Buggy / Pram.. whats your thoughts?

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Just a thread for thoughts/suggestions on what you are thinking of pram wise ;)

With our first we paid £450 for a britax travel system (11 years ago they were cutting edge), with our foster children we were restricted by social services on money - had one buggy that did from birth up (McLaren), cosy toes and sun shade.. did EIGHT babies/toddlers and still we gave it away on freecycle as it had loads of life left in it. :) It cost £180. :)

This time we are thinking of a Nexus buggy
we saw that includes the cosy toes (given that it's a winter baby), and rain cover, for £100! it's for sale in Halfords, I think after my scan if all is ok we'll likely get it and put it away, if anything happened it could go to a charity of somesort. My neighbour would keep it boxed in her house for me, so I'd not need to have it at home. I'm a bit superstitious but it's a great buy and is a lovely buggy. :)
We go most places by car, and would only really use it for going around town etc, when it comes to walking in the park we're planning on a baby carrier, and later on the framed type. :)
I'd love one of the sling types, but I doubt my back would hold out for it.

Car seat wise I'll be aiming for a britax rockatot style - whether it's made by britax or not I'm not sure but it's what I had with Erin and with the foster babies too, we gave this away on freecycle too! lol
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My mum has offered to buy one for us, and together we chose this one Ultima 8 in 1 & MPX Chassis - Balmain - Mamas & Papas (well she's paying lol).

Because of my disabilities I wanted a very light weight all in one so I'm not having to faff about too much. We'll get the isofix thingy to go with it which makes the car seats a lot easier to put in and out the car.
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Im looking at something along these lines. Looking for a decent stroller type. As with both my last babies i spent over £500 on both prams, and they just dont get used. And dont fit in the car well. SO looking for something that i can lift easily myself, and get in the car. I used my daughters car seat on the chassis for most of the time when she was born as it was so easy. I had d silver cross and u just lifted the car seat out n popped it on, so u didnt have to disturb her. This is defo one of the items im not spending a fortune on, as after the 6 months i bought a fold up pink stroller, and just replaced it with a pink stroller every year.

I am going to wait and see what we r havin 1st b4 i get a pram, so i can get cosy toes etc to match the baby

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I looked at the obaby too - good price, but gotta remember to add the cosy toes. The one I found already had it with it and it matches so I really like that :)

Shel - lucky you hun! ;) I've no parents or in laws unfortunately so when it comes to buying it's down to us :). We could afford more in fairness, I just don't think we'll need to pay more.
It depends on how well used its going to be. I live quite central to the wee town and walk to and from school everyday. So i guess i will walk more than i did with my last 2. But I also use the car alot so it has to be practical this time and fit in the car. My last one took up a whole seat in d car lol which is no use

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that's partly my issue with the space in the car, we have a 7 seater renault espace, but baby will be seat No.6 and we have 2 dogs, so they go in the boot (admittedly they are small), we can fit an umbrella style pram in without much trouble but to have a bigger pram would mean a seat perm being removed, and that's a nightmare in that we use that space when we go away for luggage and the dogs have a temporary kennel (fabric) that we put in the car at night - they winge when we're in a hotel to be on the beds.. don't do it at home naughty boys that they are! lol

So... really would like a small pram. :)
space with a baby lol they take up so much of it dont they considering they are so tiny. Theres not a room they dont fill
blimey! I've not even thought about it yet =) will wait nearer the time and see what friends/family have as 2nd hand stuff. Then if I have nothing suitable, I will come back to this thread and ask you guys for advice =)

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lol don't worry angie, you'll be a pram buff in no time!!
They are a bit addictive if you're not careful! lol I've always tried to curb my pram/buggy love! lol A fellow foster carer I knew who did babies along with us, well she had 17 different prams!! Seriously!! She was over the moon a few years ago as she had triplets (foster babies) so had to have a specially ordered buggy!! And tesco's even ordered her a special trolly would you believe! To hold 3 carseats!! lol
triplets, blimey that's a lot of work! I am sure I'll get into all the baby stuff soon enough, but I suppose I want to make sure bean is bigger and all is well until I think the other stuff through, so probably in another 3-4 months...

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absolutely hard work! lol she was lucky as they were 'good' babies :)

I do know what you mean about waiting a few months ;) I still have wobbles regarding waiting for my next scan, hubby would have bought everything by now he is that excited!
awwwwh! that's really sweet =).... it's our 1st conception, so all still very new to us. Hubby is getting into it though, he even did a couple of hours house work yesterday...think he's nesting, he seems to have matured over the last few weeks, think he realises he's about to go through a rite of passage, turning from the big kid he is to a MAN lol

love 'im! I suppose I just don't want to count my chickens so to speak, if things didn't go to plan, it would be unbearable to have lots of baby things around...am quitely optomistic, but not thinking too far ahead. At the moment I am just trying to stay on track not eating rubbish, totally lost it over this weekend, started the day with cake and buttered toast and finished with fish and chips...oh! must do better =)

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thats lovely KitteH :)

Angie, had to laugh at the rite of passage to a man... not a big kid ;) My hubby is STILL a big kid at heart! lol he's a good dad though and occasionally a big kid is just what the kids need ;) I can remember fondly days such as coming home from work to find a cardboard 'boat' in my living room with hubby fully decked out as a pirate along with my 2 girls!! Yes seriously, bandana's, eye patches, pirate map stained with tea the lot! lol
Thats a nice one i like that. Have u seen it in the shop? I like the buggies where the car seat can attach so u dont need to disturb the baba
2ndone sounds better. u defo need a raincover, cosytoes, and storage underneath especially if u will be walking to the shops.


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I have just reserved Buy Jeep Shopper 6 Travel System and Accessories. at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for . I like the fact that it comes with everything I need and it will all match, and the rear suspension sounds great cos me and the OH plan on doing some long walks through some rough terrain to help lose weight once baba is here. The price is also a bonus can't grumble at £120. the only downside to it is the pink/red colour OH doesn't like that much cos he's an Everton supporter and to him the colours represent teams like Man U and Liverpool lol ...men! If he wants a blue pram he can wait til we have a boy :D

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