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Build a school in Africa


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Hello fellow forumers!

I, with a few friends and family members, have recently set up a charity with the aim of raising funds to build a school in Zambia. I thought perhaps that some of my fellow LTers might like to suport my charity?

To find out more about the project you can visit our website at:


or our Facebook group at:


I can guarantee that all funds raised will go directly to the project.

Please let me know if you have any fundrasing ideas. Perhaps we could organise a Minimins gathering as a fundraiser? I'd be very interested in your views.

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EXCELLENT!! I'm off to have a look. I like the idea of a minimins gatherinf fundraising event too...
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Beautiful idea.
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I felt awful cus I'm skinty poos but I will say to friends and family to see if we can have a whip round or raise some money in some way. Every little helps I suppose. Just finished my English degree with a hope to teach so this is the kind of thing I am all for. Its a brilliant and beautiful idea, and it certainly puts things into perspective.
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I'm sure they will be very supportive.

Perhaps I should just keep replying to keep this thread at the top.. :D..I'm only half joking btw...
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A family at my church set up a charity called KMF (KaziMingFoundation, I think) which built and now runs a school in Kenya. They have just had their bi-annual ball which raised (they think cause they are still counting) £45,000! This is their 5th ball in eight years so they have had some experience. Also they convinced our local Lions Club to let them run the 'Duck Derby' (people 'buy' a plastic duck and they are 'raced' along a stretch of water, first duck home wins!) Don't know how much that raised but if might be of some help to you.
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What a wonderful and selfless thing to do. We were all actually thinking about donating money instead of giving xmas presents this year to a charity so I would be very happy to give it to this worthy cause. I will let the rest of my friends know as they were thinking of doing the same. My mate suggested we should all do a sponsored slim, now thats bound to raise a few pounds for the charity and lose some yourselves!! If its at all possible can you send me the address or bank details that ya want me to send the cheque to? There may not be much but I am sure every little helps!


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cant you do somthing in the UK?

just a thought
I could if I so wished. However, I feel I can do something more challenging and worthwhile in Zambia. Education is free and of a good standard in the UK whereas in Zambia access to good education, particularly post 11 and especaiily for girls is limited. I know that I can do something to improve this situation.

Furthermore, unemployment is approximately 85% in Zambia. This means that only about 15% of the people are paying income tax (all still pay the horribly regressive VAT!) Therefore, the Zambian government doesn't have the financial resources to provide free education for all Zambian children.

I could write an essay on this subject matter!!!

Thanks to those who have been supportive this far.


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I think it is great! Education is the key for these children. It is the thing that will give them a chance out of poverty. Especially the girls who traditionally will have harder lives in African countries.

I am fundraising for an Ethiopian project from where my daughter is adopted. But I think this is great Scaz and wish you lots of sucess. A school will truly be life changing for the children that benefit from it.

Good luck hun!
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What a great project Scaz, I hope you raise lots of money. The school I work at is always raising money to help disadvantaged people in the 3rd world and the pupils get a lot out of helping them. We've got a non-uniform day tomorrow to raise some more.

Good luck.


P.S. Covering ICT is a great way to get online!!! Lol!

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