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Oh dear!!! Appologies in advance for the vile topic but just wondering if anyone has/is experiencing diarrhea at all? :rolleyes:
I havnt pooed for quite some time now but not felt constipated at all. So when all of a sudden i had the urge to go i thought i could nip it in for a couple of mins whilst finnishing off a shirt i was ironing! Turns out i couldnt, sprinted to the loo holding my cheeks and my bum touched the seat it litterally went BANG! It was so horrific i actually cried out of terror whilst sitting there!!!:eek::eek::eek:
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Im sorry to say this but i haven't had this problem :( well......better out than in!!!!


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Ha Ha - sorry to laugh but yes - I've had this. I sometimes have to DIVE into the loo and if I'm out ..... well ...... people must wonder why I stand stock still for so long with what must be a REALLY pained expression on my face while I'm clenching everything to try to hang onto my dignity! LOL!

I put it down to all the water .... dilutes everything down sooooooo much. It doesn't happen all the time but fairly often. It's never occurred to me to worry about it though and I'm not going to start now :) xx


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Hi Sorbet kiss,
I had diarrhea right from the beginning and my pharmacist told me there was nothing wrong with it. I did feel constipated on Saturday and Sunday but over last couple of days back to running into the loo again. I find it mainly happens after I have had a shake. I just look at is as a way of getting rid of more fat.
Hope it settles for you.


Positivity is the key
Hi again, Just laughing here reading over what I wrote. My welsh brother in law thinks my family's favourite topics of conversation are the weather and our bowel movements. I can't imagine what he would say if he ever read this thread. And by the way it was a lovely day today with a rather stiff wind on occasion, meant to clear up properly by Thursday so we can hopefully look forward to a sunny bank holiday weekend over here........:bundledup: or :character00180:
Hi yep me too at the beginning funnily enough for the last week been totally the other way even to the extent for the first time in my life took some senakot. Tried fibresure all week nothing so lets hope for the best.


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Hiya, I had that experience too, gave a me a shock. But then I found out if I have strong perculated coffee, sends me running every time. Handy to know if I get the other way, bunged. Other than that is has been okay. Tend to stick with decaf instant coffee!


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Oh dear! LOL! (sorry!)

Nope- I have the complete opposite 'problem' unfortunately! I need two doses of two ducolax to go at all each week! Not nice (donkey poo! PMSL!! Sorry again if tmi!)

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