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Buying by the ounce (28g)

Does anyone know of anywhere that will sell cheese by the oz or a 28g portion without rounding it up and saying something like "40g there will that do"?

Similarly I wanted some sliced meats at Asda's deli section. Asking for 85g of this or 100g of the other seems to be a huge inconvenience.

I wouldn't mind, but all of these weights are optimised, as by the SW book. Of course I could pay for the extra and then cut it myself, but then again, do they have a rule where they cannot cut a slice to give the "exact" amount?

Just curious about one of life's little foibles;) any supermarket workers out there?
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Strutting her stuff
Getting it dead on 28g is hard that is why they struggle and most folk will not quibble over a few grams

I would just get a block and cut it up yourself
Ooh, love that idea Allie! Definately going to steal that one as I usually avoid cheese (not very good at getting the portions right), and I don't really have milk, so i'm usually lacking on the HEa's

Maximus - I guess if we as individuals can't cut chunks of cheese into exact 28g portions we can't really expect the supermarket staff to do it without causing wastage (which will obviously be the reason's supermarkets or deli's won't be too keen to help!).
I just buy a block and then grate it and weigh it as I need it. Seems to go much further when it's grated.

I agree !!

I always buy a 400g block of RF cathedral city and chop it into 10 equalish blocks. 40g each. If some are a bit big and some to small it doesn't matter as it will all equal out by the end of the block.

I then just grate a small block at a time.

So easy :) xx

I cut a 250g block of RF into 6 pieces ;) 41.??g a block..

Brilliant Allie !!
Those 400g blocks of cheese seem to be shrinking Allie - I always buy whichever big blocks of cheese are on bogof in tesco but have noticed that whilst they started off at 400g, they reduced to 370g and then reduced further to 350g!!!
The price stayed the same, the pack size stayed the same but the amount of cheese in them reduced.

Fab idea though :)
Unless 40g pieces are low-fat variety they are too large a portion - even if they are low-fat then they are 2g too small;)

Yes I can (and often do)cut my own - I insist on 100% by the way. This often means buying too much.

I hate waste almost as much as cheating and besides, halo polish is not cheap:p

Perhaps it is the small local shops that would do this (at a premium price of course).

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