**Calling any HEINZ Reps**


Arghhhhh:) just finished brekkie, bacon in the oven, mushrooms and 2 poached eggs and a few beans (syns booooo)

We all love baked beans (dont we?) specially the juices, they just soften the hardness of the dry bacon, mushrooms and eggs for me anyways, ..... SO

Why dont these companies like Heinz use there loafs and think of us poor folk who cant have em on a red day without syning, why cant they come up with a nice tin of No Syns Juice without the beans, that would do it, lol. Infact better still, why not become a freelance Slimming rep for all the major companies in the uk and go tell em what we want lol, wede probably make em millions :D

PS: we need some syn free BREAD aswel to dunk it in!
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Shelle Belle

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I like your way of thinking:D I prefer the bean juice to the actual beans.


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Haha........... try making your own mechman...... or why not have tinned tomatoes instead of beans? It may take a bit of getting use to but at least it'll give you some sauce!



It's just too early in the morning to discuss "bean juice"!!! x

Youve woke up then lol, yea toms are ok louise but im not that fond of em really, i have to chuck some sweetener in mine to take that sourness away, suppose they'll have to suffice thou ey :cry:


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How's about making a sort of "stewed tomatoes". I actually prefer this to beans. Finely chop up some onions, celery, green pepper and soften them in a pan with some fry light. You could add garlic if you want, though often for breakfast I leave this out. Then add a tin of plum tomatoes, I prefer not to use the chopped tomatoes for this, but will roughly cut up the plum ones so there are big pieces. You could use chopped tinned toms for this, but the texture is very different. Then start it simmering and adjust the taste to suit. Good things to add are worcester sauce and balsamic vinegar, sweetener, maybe a pinch of basil and a good grind of black pepper. Let it simmer down until it thickens up a bit. It's a really nice accompaniment to breakfast or even other meals. Goes well with most strongly flavoured meats (beef, lamb, etc) and is fab with bacon. :)
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thanks very much for that minder, great idea and its now noted and will hit the pan on my next red day, weigh in for my first week tonight gulp, think ive done everything right.