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Can anyone explain.....


this time - the last time
I was just wondering ........

I know it doesn;t matter, as I can see the diet working.....

But does anyone know how CD lets you lose weight? I always thoguht that if you restricted calories, your body went into starvation and wouldn't let you lose weight, and made all future food intakes into stored fat?

Any knowledge out there?
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The nutrients and calorie levels in Cambridge are designed to stop you going into starvation mode as such and hence you keep the boiler ticking over on 400 calories and then the other 1600 or so comes from fat.

If you dropped some of the Cambridge packs you would see the weight loss slow as you will rightly go into starvation mode.

A far as all future food intake goes to fat then that isn't right, once you "eat normally" then if you stick to your basal rate (give or take!) then you will maintain your new slimmer figure.

I'm glad I read this. I like learning more about how it all works!

Sorry for butting in but how do you determine what is the right number of calories to eat for your own body once you stop CD? Is it trial and error until you find the correct amount?
There are different theories BUT a lot of people use what is called the basal metabolic rate MBR) which is how many calories your body needs when at total rest a day. It takes into consideration weight, height, sex and age and gives you an idea of calorie intake you should be aiming at. Of course if you then exercise on top of that then the amount of calories to be calorie neutral will increase.

As an example a 30 year sedentary woman, who is 5ft 4in and ten stone has an MBR of 1752 calories.

But a 21 year old extremelt active woman, who is 5ft 9in and 11.5 stone has an MBR of 3312 calories

So it is worth checking what yours is and factoring this in when looking at a maintenance program.

Hi Mike

The info re MBR is really helpful as although I am only 7 weeks in I am focusing on how I am going to maintain the weight loss at the end. Sorry if this is a silly question but how do you go about establishing your own MBR?

Just to add I have been reading your blog today and so much of it rings true, you are such an inspiration!

Thanks for your reply Mike. It's very helpful. All this stuff is fascinating to me! I did a nutrition course as part of my degree but it was only a very small part of it and to be honest I wasn't very interested at the time so much of the information I learnt was flushed out of my brain the minute I had finished the exams!

Now I wish I'd paid more attention in class :whoopass:
There are calculators you can find on the net for working it out or put your details and I'll work it out for you.

It makes you realise that when it says "AVERAGE PERSON" on the back of a food packet that there is no such thing as an average person and hence someone who only needs 1800 calories a day will put on 2 pounds a month if they eat an "AVERAGE PERSONS" intake.


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