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ok so its the 1st time ive had a star wk in7 months so im feelin bloated n realy fat, plus the fact ive almost had a week off the plan n ate wot i wanted because of this, and im sooo worried ill have put on rediculous amounts, should i skip the weigh in tomorow or not?????
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Dont skip it hun! Even if you gain or stay the same then you should see a fab loss next week!
Im also on star week so not looking forward to it but every woman goes through the same at that time of the month xx


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If you go to weigh in, you'll find out what (if any) damage has been done and will get advice on how to fix it.
If you don't go, you'll likely as not have another week 'off' as well and before you know it, weeks will have gone by.

Good luck!


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Right missy!

You need to go to weigh in because if you dont it will more than likely result in another week off plan! If you read through some of the threads this week there were quite alot of people who felt like you and thought they would gain but in fact they lost! My friend was having her star week this week and felt really bloated and horrible and she lost a whopping 4lbs!

So please dont skip it, You need to go!
Hope i wasnt to harsh!! lol!


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They're all right you know! (you knew what we'd all say didn't you? You just needed the push!) It won't be as bad as you think, and hell, putting abit of weight on isn't a hanging offence! It's losing the plot and stopping going that is!


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Follow the above good advice Bryon and go to your WI, if you don't you will start to go off the plan and before you know it you will be back to square one again.

Remember the 21lbs that you have already lost, it would be such a shame to put that back on after all your hard work.

Go to class and good luck to you for the WI. X


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Go to class. Your not going to put on all that you've lost in one week off and star week is mostly fluid retention! Also most of us, if not all of us have to learn to deal with lifes ups and downs going on/off the rails, birthdays, Xmas etc. It's no biggy that you've not done the plan for a week. What would blow it though would be if you did'nt go back at all. You can do this & you will do it so get your b*m to WI PRONTO!!!!


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i would say always go to weigh ins whatever,or you will end up not wanting to go back next week and then next week etc it happened to me and ive put weight back on,good luck x:)


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i know exactly how you feel as im star week too!! had a really bad day and in so much pain, plus its the first real period ive had in about 9 years!!!!!!!!!!! (shows what loosing almost 4 stone can do!!!!)
Go to WI hun, if i have to, you have to!!! lol
Good Luck!! xx
oh my god................so suprised i actually lost 2lb im so happy, and all the worrying i did was 4 nothing!!!!!!!! thankyou all 4 yr support x


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S: 18st0lb C: 17st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 41.4 Loss: 0st3lb(1.19%)

uber yay!nice one glad it went well for you,but i know how sometimes it can feel pointless in even going,at least now you know you should have a little bit more faith in urself :)

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