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can't find the right foods

Feeling a bit frustrated today. Started Slimming World on Monday and tried to stick to the plan, using what food I had in the house as I do my weekly shop on a Saturday morning. Went off armed with a shopping list to Asda this morning - no quark, no fromage frais and no Asda good for you sausages, grrr (can't stand quorn). I work full time so will try our local Tesco when I can get there and see if they stock them. We don't have a Morrisons or a Sainsbury's nearby, so feeling really frustrated.
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Do you have a butchers that does sin free sausages and burgers?? we have one called Muffs and they sell them, they are very well know to slimming world users in my area;the sausages/burgers i mean. Have a look on google for suppliers??

oh i know exactly what you mean, the weeks i stray from morrisons (its my local) to try asda, i always end up with an extra list of 5 things atleast, because they never had fromage frais, never any very low fat natural yog.. etc.. drives me INSANE! and its so frustrating when youv planned your meals around those ingrediants..

gets right on my tits.
Try not to focus on certain foods or you will get frustrated (like me stood :( in front of an empty quark shelf in Sainsburys the other night!)

Just think of all the healthy foods they do sell you could have instead - fruit, veg, cereal, yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese, beans etc. There is a million meals you could make without the missing ingredients. Good luck x


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Its tricky, if like me you have planned all your meals for the week and require certain ingredients its very annoying! I am lucky that we have a Tesco, Asda and sainsbury's and i pass all 3 on my way home from work at lunch, so if i cant get what i want in tescos ( supermarket of choice) i'll nip to one of the others.
Tescos have stopped doing some of the things i need regularily eg spray oil ( they only do fry light and i dont like the bottles spray action) so often have to make a second trip to the others anyway
They also all sell totally different Quorn products, so every so often do a stock up on different stuff


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Just as a tip, Asda Smart Price cottage cheese is the only one which is free on SW, the others are low fat, but not VERY low fat :D


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Just as a tip, Asda Smart Price cottage cheese is the only one which is free on SW, the others are low fat, but not VERY low fat :D
All Tescos Low fat Cottage cheese is FREE ( value, healthy living and light choices)
Only the pineapple one has like 1 syn per 100g


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I just meant at Asda :D


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Sorry, have just checked and I'm wrong :p

All GFY ones except the Pineapple and the Sweet Chilli ones are free.

Feel free to reprimand me :D


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*hangs head in shame*

Going back to my original post I have now managed to find Quark in my local Tesco's but still cannot find any fat free fromage frais. So frustrating as a lot of the recipes I wanted to try out use it. Not sure if the post about shopping online was meant for me, but I am not going to shop online for just 1 item. I guess the next step is to ring up larger stores that are over 20 miles away from me to find out if they stock it before I visit.

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