Can't take anymore.. Enough is enough !


I want to be slim !!
Hi everybody..

Well ive decided not to SS anymore, yes i know i only did 5 days this time round, but i did it for 8 weeks before christmas and lost 2 1/2 stone..:D ..

I was really upset Friday night, and after taking all my sadness out on my hubby, I went for a walk to clear my head and came to the conclusion that i was not going to do SS again,
I've managed to go from a size 18 (sometimes 20) jeans to a size 12 :eek:
Yes i would ideally like to loose another stone, and i WILL loose it, just not SSing.
Im thinking of switching to Weight Watchers to finish my journey, also i beleive i can use up my CD packs on this as there only 2 points each.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for all your lovely comments,
I will still be on here, checking in.

Thanks again..
Hi Cara well done on trying again & for losing so much weight in the first place!! I am finding it hard getting back to SS but I still have 3 stone to go so I need to!!

Hopefully WW will work for you, dont mind me asking, where did you get the info that CD packs are 2 points?
Hi Cara

It's such a difficult decision to make, but it sounds like you have given it some major thought. Will keep an eye out for the rest of your journey, and good luck losing the last stone ;)
Glad you've come to a decision Cara

I'm at a crossroads too and deciding which way to go. It's tough but at long as we safely make our destination. Good Luck and keep posting.

Dizzy x

I read it on here,
well on weight watchers forum..

OMG i hope it right !!
Hey CJ..from a size 20 to 12 in 8 weeks is truly fab...its taken me a year to do from a 20 to 14...its tough isnt least youve not yo yo'd on it and youre strong enough to make the decision to do something else...not worth beating ourselves up is it....

bet you look bloody fabulous and you will get to your target...good idea to use packs...x

take care

keep postin:)
Somebody on the weight watchers forum asked the question as they too were switching from CD to WW,
and another lady found out for her using the sat fat content and the calories,

Ive just checked it again and they claim there 2 points each..
If anybody has more info on this, please post it,

I only have enough for 9 full CD's days left, so i suppose they could go back for a refund if need be.
i wish you luck Cara, i originally started CD last year and after loosing a stone decided i wanted to do the rest through WW. unfortunatly i hadnt learned self control and sadly 6 months after originally stopping CD i have put back 1 stone 12lbs!! im now back on CD.
Hiya Cj
just wishing you the best of luck on your W.W journey - and Wow what a great weightloss you've had sooo far, well done :D

Good luck with the switch to WW, it may be a great idea because switching to food and controlling it may help maintance in the long run.

Ive just checked the box which my CDC left me the sachets in and put the information into my WW calculator and the points value did come out at 2 points......:eek: that means Im on 6 points a day:eek: