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  1. Delli

    Delli Talks too much

    hey, ive been coughing and spluttering for the past 3 or 4 days so gran decided to go and get me some cough medicine, which was very nice of her, and ive taken some, but im wondering if it will affect ketosis? heres the ingredients:

    menthol, aniseed oil, capsicurn tincture, sucrose, liquid glucose, caramel, glycerin, chloroform, tragcanth, benzoin tincture, tolu tincture, peppermint oil, ginger oleoresin, benzoic acid, ethanol, clove oil.

    its a herbal cough balm.
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  3. Peridot

    Peridot Peridot

    I'm not a CDC but sucrose and glucose are sugar - and because they're high up in the list of ingredients it means there's plenty of both in the cough mixture. Sorry, but sugar probably will knock you out of ketosis - unless you're very lucky.

    Hope you feel better soon.
  4. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

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    Hiya Delli

    It may affect ketosis BUT is likely to be for a very short period as you will only have had a few ml's of sugar.

    What is more important is that you are well, remember you can have the sunshine orange flavouring with crushed up paracetamol and this can do wonders for a sore throat.

    As with all medical concerns if you are worried then you should pop along and see your GP!

  5. Delli

    Delli Talks too much

    ok many thanks peridot and mike!
  6. sim94

    sim94 Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Hi Delli,

    Yes the Sucrose, Liquid glucose are forms of sugar.
    Unfortunately most cough medicine contain high amounts of sugar often disguised under different names.

  7. Delli

    Delli Talks too much

    mike said i can have the orange flavouring with paracetamol, can i have it with the summer berry as well?? sorry if thats a stupid question, just wanna make sure!
  8. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member

    As Mike says don't worry too much about this as it is more important to get well. However, most chemists do cough medicines suitable for diabetics so they are sugar free maybe if you are well enough pop along and see what they have.

    The hot sunshine orange with paracetamol really works a treat.

    Hope you feel better soon.
  9. Peridot

    Peridot Peridot

    I've read that the jury's out whether cough mixture actually helps or not, other than by lubricating your throat and a placebo effect. Drink alot of fluids (which you will be doing) and if you have a sore throat you can always gargle with TCP or a soluble asprin. Paracetamol will keep any temperature down but I'm not sure you can gargle with asprin AND take paracetamol so unless you get medical advise, just do one or other.
  10. SoonToBeGorgeous

    SoonToBeGorgeous Loving the Cambridge Diet

    Cambridge Plan
    When I had a ghastly cold last week I had the CD water flavouring Summer Berry hot and it was wonderful!

    You can gargle with a dissolved paracetamol too you know - it does work.

    Hope you feel better soon

  11. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

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    I used Robitussin which is for diabetics when I was ill with no problems at all. I agree with Mike though it is more important to make sure you are well so take what you have to hun.

    Wrap up warm and be kind to yourself.

  12. barcababex

    barcababex Full Member

    Hope you feel better soon

  13. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    Hey - sorry to hear you're feeling rotten.....hpe you feel better soon.....

    Debz xx
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