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Cementing broken bottles on wall.


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I am seething :mad: .

I have discovered that our next door neighbour has cemented broken glass bottles to an approx 2ft section of what is our garden wall.

I want it removed, plus am sure its illegal to do something like that, but hubby doesnt want to kick off what could turn into a neighbour dispute!

I am certain if our cats were allowed out, my hubby would have issue with it then, and they were injured by it.

I am not happy at all about what hes done.

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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Flippin' heck!! I'm sure that's illegal ... our local council had to remove glass from the top of a six foot wall surrounding the cemetery because it's so dangerous protecting a boundary that way.

Neighbour dispute or not, you can't leave your wall like that. I think your neighbour is TOTALLY out of order doing it ... there's absolutely no justification for doing such a potentially deadly thing.

Mrs Depp

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If that was my wall I'd take a hammer to it and smash all the glass!

Does he think it's his wall? Maybe that's why he didn't tell you he was doing it? Let him know it's your wall and not a party wall and that he has to remove the glass asap.
I am sure this is now illegal too. Years ago it used to be quite common place.

I think if a burglar was in your garden and he jumped over the wall and cut himself you would be liable and he could sue:eek: The law's an ass I know, he might have your jewells in his pocket but you would be the one in trouble.

Also of course there is the danger to wildlife.

The world is full of dipsticks

Deffo illegal!! If you don't feel you can talk to your neighbour about it, hun, you're going to have to contact the council/police as someone else might complain and think that it's you that's done it!

What a silly man!


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I have had a look around the internet and it seems its not actually an offence to do this UNLESS the
wall/fence borders the public highway, then the local authority has powers to protect the public by having the deterrent removed
But I would inform teh police that is has been done so they have it on record because he will be held legally responsible for any injuries caused. I know that doesnt help really especially as any animals will injure themselves on it .


B****y twit.
i still think it's illegal...he's 'built' or 'erected' on your property with out your permission.

CAB?..sorry =citizens advise bureau might have more info.


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I was sure it was now illegal.....! I would call the local police station and find out where you stand. Obviously not 999 ....rofl.

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