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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Crys, 17 April 2010.

  1. Crys

    Crys Well-Known Member

    what do you do with yours?
  2. NikkiD

    NikkiD Well-Known Member

    sticker is on my book, haven't got any certificates yet, butif and when i do i will put them on the wall at home
  3. Mummoth

    Mummoth Well-Known Member

    I've put the certs in the pack with my books, SOW stickers I've given straight to my 5 year old & the half stone & stone award I've stuck on to the back of my pack.
  4. slinkydreams

    slinkydreams Well-Known Member

    I'm completely unoriginal and put my certificates on the fridge door....
  5. minzi

    minzi Active Member

    Ive put my stickers on my book and my certificates i put onto my mirror in the living room then when i get a new one the old gets put in my pack. I put it on the mirror because when im getting ready everyday i can see it and see how well i am doing and it gives me the encouragement to carry on if i having a bad day.
  6. Devon Dolce

    Devon Dolce 1lb at a time!

    Stickers on my book, magnets on my fridge and certificates on the kitchen cupboard door xx
  7. lemon_fizz

    lemon_fizz Well-Known Member

    Certs on the fridge door for me too!
  8. abigail09

    abigail09 Well-Known Member

    i dont have any yet :'(

    but my target member certif is still in my old book which i keep handy to try and loose quicker than i did last time ;)
  9. Crys

    Crys Well-Known Member

    I bought a cheap diary to use as a food diary after I no longer had to film them in for my consulatant. My stickers live in the inside cover of that as a reminder each day.

    My certs are in a clip frame and hung up in my living room for all to see :D
  10. Pickle87

    Pickle87 Well-Known Member

    We dont get certs but my stickers are on my book looking pretty :eek:)
  11. swizzle

    swizzle Well-Known Member

    I got my 1st 7lb shiny sticker last week and i've stuck it on the front of my book. When i get a certificate i'm gunna stick it on the fridge like you lot do :)
  12. malaika

    malaika Lover of Extra Easy

    My stickers are on my book, and my fridge magnets on the fridge. My certificates are on a shelf in my lounge but I plan to frame them in a large frame so that I will always remember the journey.

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