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Chocolate Frijj milkshake - Xenical style!

I haven't posted on here for ages but it would be criminal to keep this to myself....

I was in the jelly/instant whip section in Asda and saw some 'pouch' products - jelly in squeezy pouches, fruit in squeezy pouches and dairy in squeezy pouches.

They were on offer at 5 for £2 so I decided to try a selection. The jelly was rank - maybe because I ate it before it was cold enough (they were on regular shelves and not refrigerated) but it had a very strange lumpy texture.

I have just tried the 'Chocolate dairy squeezy pouch' and OMG - it's just like Frijj chocolate milkshakes!

It's an 85g pouch so quite small but very chocolatey - 3.4g fat per 100g. The pouch has 97 cals and 2.9g of fat.
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I don't think I'll bother posting on here anymore, 115 views and not one person could be bothered to comment.

I was trying to help other people who are going through the same process as me by posting a tip that I thought may help someone but looks like I'm wasting my time so shall leave you all to it.


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Hi Clueless, dont worry about people not posting comments, there are lots of people who read and move on, not just on this forum/website, but on a lot of forums out there, don't take it to heart xxx

Thanks for the heads up on the chocolate shake!
hello ive just seen this and it sounds fab i shall give it a go im only 4 days on xenical and im being so strict im terrified i have an accident but that sounds fab if you have a sweet tooth like me cheers
I'm very grateful for any tips, I'm only day 3 and terrified of the side effects. My findings for today are tuna in water has 0.5g per 100g and an SW tip warm a vanilla muller light instead of custard 0.2g fat total.


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Hi Ellie, I'm liking the cheat idea of custard - must try that!

Be careful still, there's quite a few calories in marshmallows because of all the sugar. Did you see them being made on Jamies food factory the other week? I tell you, watching that programme, certainly puts you off eating some things!! I've gone right of mayonnaise now!


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I love the sound of the chocolate dairy pouches! I don't have an Asda near me, so I'll have a look in Tesco to see if they have something similar.

I hope Clueless doesn't give up on this forum, I've found a lot of people just read posts and don't ever post because they're just looking around for information. But those who do reply are genuinely interested in what the post says. Don't give up!
be careful with these foods yeah they fit in with xenical fat rules but they are high in suger and calories , meaning they turn to fat if you eat more then your body needs xx

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